April 05, 2015


Last week I had a great response to my skincare dramas and I have to say it really helped me keep my rather scarred chin up.

When you have been lucky enough to be graced with perfect skin, although I was always prone to a few spots here and there, my skin was never that bad. When you love skincare as much as I do, when something dramatically goes wrong with your pride and joy like mine did, I was at a lost end. 

Calling on any last bit of skincare knowledge I had left, I really had to work with my skin rather than just using the products that I loved or because I had to test it. So i put away the many cleansers, serums, toners, oils that I always used and cut my skincare down to the bare basics. I still wanted to keep my skin hydrated as drying out my under the skin spots would not be good but I stripped my routine to the bare basics, which was tough!

I started using a creamy calming cleanser for morning and night, I adore Aurealia's Miracle Cleanser, which I remove with a clean flannel and if I did a double cleanse, I would use a cleansing oil first and remove with a new flannel. It means I now get through double the amount of flannels a week but i know that I am not putting any dirt or grim back onto my skin, which is so important in keeping your skin fresh. I would then use an exfoliating toner a few times a week and a hydrating toner in spray form like Serozinc by La Roche Posay or The Body Shop's Vitamin E toner, a newbie to my collection. Then Antipodes Divine oil c/o with a light moisturiser on top to finish. This routine seems to have kept my skin in shape and with an added few tweaks to my diet, such as drinking more water and boosting my greens intake, I've started feeling more like my old self. 

I thought I would share a few pointers that if you are suffering with an outbreak or hormonal acne like me, just to try and help but also to keep positive, as the outbreak won't always be there but I know sometimes it's easy to forget.

1- Drink lots of water. I have been trying my best to keep hydrated and it really does make a difference not only to your skin but also for your body.

2- Try to keep your skin clean throughout the day. I am always one of those people who can't help but touch their skin especially if there is a spot there! Keep fingers at bay.

3- Be patient. It's well known my me now that under the skin spots don't just disappear. Give them time to calm down and if they do scar, which they always do for me even if they never came to the surface, don't stress. In time they will go.

4- People don't really care about spots. When your skin isn't looking it's best, you will be constantly thinking about it but honestly others won't. You may feel self conscious but most of the time they won't even notice.

5- Listen to your skin. Never strip your skin or dry it out thinking it's a miracle cure. Your skin needs love, which for me the best way is great ingredients, keeping free from products with nasties such as alcohol and using products that will heal your skin.

6- We all get them. Never feel alone. I know I felt like hiding away and couldn't even face looking in the mirror but just after a few weeks, some great concealers, I've completely changed my outlook. Your only human and with something like hormonal acne, you sometimes can't help but have an outbreak, it's usually your body telling you something is up. Keep positive.

Hope this may help if your feeling a little blue with bad skin but just know we have all been there (I'm still blooming there) keep the faith! I would love to hear your skincare tips if you have any below....it's always good to not feel like your the only one.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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