April 14, 2015


Testing skincare is what I love best but the search for the perfect moisturiser always is a nightmare for me. Finding the right texture and a product that doesn't feel like it's sitting on my skin is always tricky. My skin has been on the mend since my acne outbreak, with patience and positivity I have got a balanced routine that is working wonders. I am still on the moisturiser hunt but these are the three that have kept me going...

This cream was part of an amazing set to which this cream kinda had no place. After searching through my beauty stash for a hydrating cream to get my skin into some sort of gear after my few months of horrific uncontrollable skin, this one was where I started. 

Nuxe's Creme Prodigieuse Anti-Fatigue c/o is a light hydrating cream suited more for the day is meant to help assist fatigue. Unlike most creams this one doesn't claim to help with brightening or radiance, it doesn't have any sort of pearlescent shine to it but is a basic light weight texture that leaves your skin slightly matte. For normal to combination skin, this moisturiser was perfect for me but for fatigue it lacked. I think this cream is great for staying hydrated but in terms of combating fatigue, it isn't as effective as a shot of caffeine! 

Indeed Labs Fillume volumising moisturiser c/o (£24.99, 30ml)

The latest addition to one of my all time favourite skin saviour brands is Fillume volumising moisturiser c/o. A cream aimed to smooth, plump and firm the skin, this light whiter than white cream is one of the more basic products that I have seen from Indeed  Labs. With star ingredients such as hyaluronic acid this cream is hydrating and penetrates the skin leaving you with instantly smoother skin. I am still using this cream now in the day as its a great base under makeup.

ReVive Perfectif even skin tone cream c/o sample size (£175.00)

With a hefty price tag, this moisturiser was one that I couldn't wait to try. I was lucky to get just a little slice of the product with this cute mini. At a crazy high price, this cream is a skin perfecter that helps to improve the appearance of sun damage leaving you with a more even skin tone. For me my first thought is would this cream be able to shrink the appearance of my spot scarring. Dark spots are by far not the same as scarring but as for evening my skin tone I thought well why not. 

I have almost run out of this sample pot but I have to say out of the three, my skin is looking so much better. My complexion is looking brighter, clearer and my spot scars are starting to fade. Whether this cream has only just started to work it's magic on my skin, I would be really interested to keep going with it. At a mild fortune, I think sadly I won't be able to afford to treat my skin to see. 

What are your favourite moisturisers?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I like the sound of Fillume! I've got the Nuxe mask that goes with that moisturiser and I really like it so I would probably enjoy the Nuxe moisturiser too. At the moment I'm using the Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser by Good Things skincare but it's very fragranced so I'm not getting on that well with it. You've inspired me :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    1. I like the sound of that face mask! I haven't tried Good Things yet, i think it doesn't have the best ingredients esp perfume. Make sure you be care with it xx


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