May 21, 2015


A product I know I have blogged about before but I just had to share with you again. I am still having skin troubles unfortunately and although I was almost clear from spots, they have come back with vengeance.

I have gone back to using the bare minimum when it comes to my skin and some old favourites have become saviours. One of those products is Anne Semonin's  innovative Resurfacing Peel Mask c/o £74.00, 75ml. This mask is the ultimate skin renewal all in one mask, which unlike most strong treatments like this, you can just use it at home. The mask combines the benefits of a chemical, mechanical and biological peel. Including active AHA fruit acids from marine extracts, citrine powders and protease enzymes that help to efficiently remove any dead skin cells and smooths your skins texture. 

I have been using this mask twice a week if I can remember and I feel it is keep my skin in shape. I have been suffering with alot of dry peeling skin, where my spots are healing so this helps keep my skin smooth. Although it's a strong formula, it doesn't aggravate my skin at all. 

To use the mask, I apply a thin layer on my face and neck with a brush, leave on for one to two minutes then massage into the skin in light circular motions. Then wash off. The mask itself has a very fine course texture, which can be tricky to fully wash off but just make sure you take some time to wash it away, as the little bits of grittiness is so annoying!

It is an expensive face mask but you see the benefits. It's one of the only masks I can actually use without breaking out and I love the way my skin feels after using it, as it smooths and brings radiance to my skin.

Do you have any suggestions for masks that keep your skin in shape?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



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