May 16, 2015


When it comes to summer, everyone gets their legs out. As a paler than pale girl, getting my legs out is always painful. This summer, I want to wear all my gorgeous new purchases and to hide under tights is not going to just can't. So taking the recommendation from a fair few bloggers, He-Shi self tanner seemed to come up trumps.

To start I went for something light to ease me into tanning. A brand new release from He-Shi is their Overnight Ageless Tanning Balm c/o £22.50, which I have had the pleasure of trying and I must say is a pleasure to use. This tanning balm is designed for your face only and to be used overnight, to reveal a subtle natural tan by the morning. If your thinking you might wake up with orange pillows, this is far from that. It's texture is much like a moisturiser and you use it after cleansing just like you would a moisturiser. Use a tanning mitt to apply though, as you want your face to glow not your hands!

Avoid water and apply all over your face. I like to use two pumps of the light liquid, as I want my tan to look as natural as possible and hopefully over time it will look more golden. Unlike most fake tans, this overnight balm, creates a glow through 100% natural DHA so no burnt biscuit here! I have used it a few times every 3 days and my skin is looking healthy and when I do use it overnight, I wake up with smooth soft skin, just like when I use my usual skincare.

Dipping further into the world of terrifying tanning is He-Shi Express Liquid Tan c/o £20.00. Now this is real fake tan. The tan itself is a very thin brown liquid, which you instantly apply to clean, dry and exfoliated skin with a tanning mitt. With this, I just went for it. I think you have to when your as pale as me. It was actually really easy to apply and blended straight away. When I did apply too much, I just blended it across all of my body and it left no streaks. After I applied all over my body, I waited a few minutes and it had dried. The tanner didn't smell at all.

The tan is meant to develop over a good few hours and it sure did, which also brought along the famous burnt biscuit smell. Although the tanner says to pop your clothes straight back after a few minutes, I would say avoid tight clothing as I ended up having some embarrassing stocking marks up my thighs! Prob should stop being so darn sexy haha!

Other than a few marks from clothes, the tan was pretty faultless. It collected a little at my ankles but after a few showers and exfoliation, it faded. It's been over a week since using the tan and the tan has almost disappeared so I am going for it with another application tonight....wish me luck!

What fake tanners do you like using?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I always use Express Liquid Tan before I go to bed so I can sleep in it and let it develop naturally. Good luck tonight, you're gonna do good! :) X

    1. Oh thats a good idea, I otherwise tend to have to walk around in the tan all day but night is a much better idea! XX

  2. I really love this tan, the mousse version is my holy grail!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I have always used mousse's so this was a completely different experience actually. This one did blend though just as good xx


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