May 12, 2015


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the sister duo Liz and Rachel behind this amazing inspiring brand Radical and to say I left feeling emotional is an understatement. There was something about their passion, love for what they do and the emotional bond they shared that I could relate to more than I expected to.

I too work closely with my family at Timothy Dunn London, especially with my sister, who is my world. Just like us Dunn's, we have always dreamt of making a brand that was successful, world renowned and created on the basis of hard work and love - that is exactly what Liz and Rachel have achieved. I loved the sisters on a mission and brand philosophy goes beyond just a product in a bottle. Its about being radical in life and feeling confident in everything we do. 

As you will know I have been struck with a dose of bad adult acne recently and their positivity and passion for not only helping to fix my skin but also to change my attitude towards how i felt about my skin made an instant impression on me. I mean just watch this video HERE and see how you feel after. 

With a whole host of friends and family within the beauty industry, Liz and Rachel have managed to create a unique skincare brand with more potency and anti-ageing affect that really work. Inspired by their own skin worries, the sisters have actually done it! As a 25 year old woman with my own skin issues, I have to say I am still testing out a few of their products but my skin is looking amazing! 

I have two posts on the products that I have sampled from their brand and I thought I would share with you first their two latest products a Hand and Nail Multi- Repair cream c/o £38.00 and Firming Body Multi Repair body cream c/o £65.00. Both smell divine and have many properties to help lift and firm your skin. Unfortunately I'm still a spring chicken but both have done wonders in softening and keeping my skin hydrated. Especially the firming body cream that has made a massive difference to the texture of my legs and has banished those little annoying bumps. However the price is just crazy for me right now.

What I love so much about Radical, apart from their products that I have tried so far, is that they don't just believe in their products they also are so passionate about the people who are buying them and really truly want to help give back confidence in your own skin.

Next week ill be sharing how I've been getting on with their skincare range, so keep an eye out for it.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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