May 31, 2015


So to kick off June in full Becki style...I'm having a moan up. I've been lacking on my blogging game but this June I have promised myself every night instead of sitting in front of the box (Britain's Got Talent I blame you) I am going to make time for LLP and get writing again. This is probably the part where you moan at me for my lack of beauty goodness each week and just my laziness when it comes to sharing the love over on your blogs too. I do apologies and I am giving myself a spank! Ooo naughty naughty.

Back to my moan. I am back to my hair dramas, which tends to happen at least twice a year, usually during an identity crisis! When I had long hair I wanted short hair and now I look back at the pictures of me with gorgeous long Rapunzel locks and I want them back!!!! Hair as a lady kinda makes you whole and when it looks like crap, I always tie it up and feel hopeless when it comes to styling it. Usually because I am too lazy as well!

My hair is in that awkward 'grown out of shape' stage where it is still short but grown into some sort of fugally shape of its own that is heavy and never sits right. It's too short to still do anything drastic to apart from getting it cut shorter again which I'm sure I am up for again. With a random faded out ombre it just looks poop! What I am really trying to say here is I want my long hair back!! 

My hair is below my shoulders so do i get it cut short or keep going with this awful frumpy length and grow it out. I reckon it will take a good year to get it back to this long luscious length - is it worth the wait?

Short hair seems to be the in look this year but I gotta say I'm bored of it already! Help fellow short hair bloggers!

Hugs & Kisses
And its good to be back with a good old rant!

Becki xox



  1. If you really want to, keep going growing your hair out! It does take a lot of patience but I think it's well worth it. I love my long hair though I recently had some layers put in to lift it. I agree that short hair is actually more style-wise, high maintenance! But remember, you look great either way :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    1. Thank you lovely. I always need like 100 opinions before I finally decide! I think layers are a good plan! xx


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