June 04, 2015


When it comes to makeup, I have always kept things basic. Unlike most bloggers I have never had a huge collection of brushes and usually I would always apply with my fingers, as I think sometimes it leaves a better finish on my skin. Since starting LLP, my collection has been getting bigger and bigger, outgrowing my little Muji storage, which just seems totally ridiculous to use for just one face! I have had to start cutting down!

As we are beauty indulgers, I thought I would write this post to offer some advice, as recently my sister, the mum to be, took me on a makeup shopping spree and asked me what brushes to buy. She has always been amazing at applying makeup and she's such a beaut that I felt kinda honoured to offer my advice and I thought it might make a good post if anyone else out there feels overwhelmed by the choice or just wants to cut down their collection to the best of the bunch.

Real Techniques

These are of course the best drugstore makeup brushes. Not only are they exceptional quality, Nic and Sam have created them as makeup artists themselves, so they have made brushes that we actually want. I love their core range of which I own the Blush Brush (£9.99) to apply my bronzer because of its soft fluffy bristles and the Expert face brush (£9.99) which is great for blending in concealer, especially around areas such as my chin. I'm gutted that I can't afford their latest Bold Metals collection, as its a girls dream right? Maybe one day!

Mac Cosmetics

I am a newbie to Mac. I never really paid much attention to their brushes until I saw Tanya Burr use the Mac 217 Blending Brush (£15.00) and I was sold. It's the only brush I use for eyeshadow and it makes any makeup novice a pro! I think I could do with at least another three of these. 

Eco Tools

A brush brand if you want great quality and a set of brushes that respect the environment and the planet. Each brush has a bamboo handle and the bristles are synthetic, which don't assume means rough and itchy, they are quite the opposite. I use their Bamboo Tapered brush to blend in cream blushes and their fan brush to dust setting powder over my makeup. 

Liz Earle

Unheard of really within the industry, I have to say Liz Earle brushes are my true favourites. The quality is incredible and they are soft and fluffy. I have had the Powder Brush c/o (£20.00) and Blush Brush c/o (£15.00) for so many years now and they still look brand new. I love the design with the clear acrylic handle and the two toned brush. Don''t be put off by the price as they are well worth it.

Hope this might be a little useful and I am always on the hunt for some new favourites so tell me yours!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I have some mac, eco tools and real techniques I really like them all but real techniques has to be the best you can buy at the drugstore x

    Zoe Mountford x

    1. RT is defo the best for quality and price. Mine wash so well and I love how versatile they are xx


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