June 30, 2015


This summer, apart from the usual lack of tan, I want to keep my skin looking in tip top shape and hopefully I'll stick with it. For me Summer is the busiest time at work and with flowers not being the most glamorous job in the world although many people think it, my nails get ruined, my body gets neglected and well my hair goes wild in all places!

With the help of M&S huge variety of new beauty products launching this Summer, I am pretty sure I have no excuses this year! c/o.

Now imagine a little flower slave working away day and night in a dark hole, when or where will I have time for pampering! For me, making sure at least one night a week I give myself a bit of a wind down evening, pamper in the shower and try to switch off from work. 

With a little help from some loving skincare friends such as this fab set from Rituals c/o, includes the ultimate first step of a good old shower pamper - the body scrub. In this particular set is Rituals Hammam Hot Body Scrub c/o (£19.50, 450g). A warming fragrance of Ginger and Eucalyptus with a salt base, the scrub leaves your skin with a subtle warming feeling to relax and get your blood moving. This scrub is quite rough, so I like to use it in the shower with a little warm water and use in circular motions. 

In the shower, you need to use the most indulgent body wash and for me there is nothing more indulging than Nuxe Prodigieux Shower Oil c/o (£10.00, 200ml). This rich sparkly shower oil smells exactly like their famous body oil that I have used as staple for many many years, however this one doesn't leave such a potent scent. With a golden shimmer that stays on even after you wash it off, the shower oil, cleanses and foams into a sexy silky formula, leaving you with perfectly soft skin.

Hydration is key through the summer months as it can dry out and if you aren't drinking enough water it becomes even more apparent how thirsty your skin can become. Rich moisturisers aren't always what you want with the fear that it will leave you even more hot and sweaty than before the shower. This L'Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate c/o (£38.00, 200ml) is the bomb! The packaging is to die for with it's big chunky glass jar, the product itself is a light milky cream that instantly cools. I love it for that reason. Whether its the glass that keeps the product cool or just that it's got some special ingredient in it, I think its a lovely light addition to my summer pamper.

Finally, last on my M&S pamper is a rather interesting body spray from Bliss c/o. This Fat Girl Slim (blooming awful offensive name in my eyes!) Hide and Glow spray (£30.00, 125ml) brings together a light hydrating spray for your body with an extra bit of tan. A subtle glow is left across your skin, with no streak marks and to apply you can go at all angles! On my far skin, the colour is very subtle but I would recommend testing in store to see what colour is best suited for your skin shade. Perfect for a quick spritz after a little pamper before hitting the town right??

Hope you liked my at home pamper with M&S! I think if you can give yourself just at least an hour every week to indulge life will be a better place!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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