June 09, 2015


I think I wrote not so long ago that makeup has never really been my thing. Skincare has always been what I love and what I spend my hard earned cash on. Over the last few months, makeup has captured my attention and I have caved on more than one occasion to many beautiful items! (monkey emoji covering eyes!)

The collection that I just had to have was the recent Mac cosmetics Wash & Dry collection. Firstly the packaging!!!! I love to buy into some gorgeous packaging and the new collection got me. I haven't seen packaging like this before and with the sunrise style metallic casing it had to be mine. I thought even if I don't use the makeup, I can just look at it!

The usual thing happened however - it sold out! The two products I was most interested in was the instagram must have Freshen Up High-light powder and a lippie. Of course after searching in ever store possible as online was a no show, I found a small quiet Mac store just off Carnaby Street - a serious gem of a store! They had the whole range there so I managed to get this stunning summery red lipstick in Steamed Heat (£17.00) and the highlighter, which I think is even more stunning in real life than a picture (£25.00).

Normally I would never dream of spending £25 on a highlighter but with the packaging and it's brick style layering of summery rose peach tones, I had to treat myself.

As for the products, they have more than surpassed my expectations. The lipstick is a hot sexy red with an orange tone that suits my skin colour perfectly and I can imagine if I ever get a holiday, it would be on my lips everyday. As for the highlighter, well it's truly gorgeous. The peachy tone at the top of the brick gives your skin a splash of colour, which again flatters my pale skin tone whilst the golden shimmer is so subtle it brightens bringing your skin to life. I have been wearing it on it's on but also on top of my usual bronzer which deepens the colour of my skin. It's a perfect summer product and worth every penny!

Did you manage to get a slice of Mac's Wash and Dry collection?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I got to play with a few of the items while I was in the airport at the weekend but they were sold out of the items I liked, sadly so I settled with standard Syrup lipstick instead.
    The packaging is really just SO gorgeous.
    Gill xx EyelinerFlicks

    1. Its all about the packaging. Just never seen anything like it and they should have made more!! xx

  2. This collection has the most amazing packaging! So beautiful and that highlighter is to die for. Like you say, these products are spot on for Summer. I'm not surprised that the collection has sold out so quickly in a lot of places!

    Lovely post :)

    Miss Beauty Saver

    1. The highlighter is just a beauty! I had to stop myself from hiding it away and not using it! Glad I opened it though as its so nice on fair skin xx

  3. That highlighter is everything.I much prefer the highlighter to the lipstick but the lipstick is still beautiful! Although the packaging is the best thing about it haha
    Estelle x - Let Me Go xo


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