June 24, 2015


Last week I had one crazy encounter and probably one of the most bizarre blog events I have ever experienced, just check out my Instagram for the evidence! Paint & white walls!!

Firstly, I was a nervous wreck, as I have never worked with Benefit before and as you do, I was pretty sure that the event was going to be for 'big' bloggers, especially with a higher follower count from me - yep I was right, the numbers game continues. With so many familiar faces, I was like the token fan girl!

I think as soon as you make it in the blogging world something must change in you. You become less accessible and certainly a little celebrity in your own right, I mean when 1 million people are reading your blog a month, I'm pretty sure it would go to your head but for me, standing there amongst these beautiful powerful women who have made blogging a career, I was intimidated but also inspired. What in amazing opportunity I was given by being there with them. Even if I was a nobody lol! AND to top it off, I had come straight from work so to say my 'OOTD' was a little shoddy! *looks me up and down!*

Either way I didn't exactly go home and cry about it, it just made me want to put more time and effort into LLP and make this a place I am proud to say is mine. However many followers I have, I love doing this and I do truly care about what I am writing about! So thank you to Benefit for letting me be part of the launch.

To the real reason I was there throwing paint around the room...the new products. The launch was for Benefit's new colours collection, They're Real! mascara and They're Real! Push-up Liner. I had only tried the mascara before and it made my lashes double- well it is the UK's number one premium mascara! 

I have seen a big wave of coloured eye products flood the beauty world this year and these are the best I have tried and seen by far for the price.

Benefit's Push Up liner has launched in four new shades - a gorgeous deep brown, my favourite, called Beyond Brown c/o, Beyond Blue c/o, Beyond Green c/o and Beyond Purple c/o (£18.50 each) Liners. If you get the gist of the names, I think you can get the colours! I played around with the colours at the event and they are very wearable shades. With my brown eyes, I can get away with wearing all of the shades if I am brave enough. Although I must say the colours aren't as shockingly bright as some I have seen from other brands and I think with a bit of pushing the purple would look gorgeous on. With the same matte gel formula, the liners are all waterproof and with the soft angled tip, you can follow the lash line with precision.

Benefit's number one mascara has also re-launched into two extra colours as well - Beyond Brown c/o and Beyond Blue c/o (£19.50 each). For me, the blue is too much of a step out of my comfort zone, even though it's an amazing bright aqua hue but for me the deep rich brown of Beyond Brown, is amazing and certainly a nice light summery change from wearing black mascara all the time.

I am hoping to run a bit of a giveaway in the next few weeks over on my social media channels so please keep an eye out (excuse the pun!). All of these products are too much for one little lady!

What do you think of the new collection?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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