June 17, 2015


Last month, I was invited to go and sample the brand new makeup collection for Ciate. Ciate is mainly known for its incredible innovative nail polishes and their seriously desirable advent calender every year. This year they have launched a brand new extensive colour collection with every product you could imagine. With the outer packaging stealing the show, Ciate have certainly taken their name to the next level. 

From everything to cute little Blush Pops (£16.00) to endless colours for your lips, Ciate have shown their innovative side again and also added a twist on many classic products. 

I have tried only a few bits from the range and it's been a little hit and miss to be honest. To start I have been attempting to use their Double Lines Kohl and Precision Liner duo c/o (£19.50) which is a chunky liner more suited for the Amy Winehouse look and still yet I haven't quite got used to the size of the nib! I mean I'll rock Amy's look all day long if I could but even with the massive liner, it's too big for me to use. Another product that I wasn't too sure on is their Lip Chalks (£16.00). I have sampled Unbuttoned c/o, a light pinky tone with a creamy matte texture. However when I tried this, it just didn't sit well on my lips. It did cover my lips with colour but the texture just didn't suit me. I thought maybe its the colour, as it's not really the kinda shade I would usually go for but for a matte lip lover, I didn't love this product and I think it is priced too high. From all the doom and gloom so far, I did find a cute little product that I did love. Ciate's Skinny Shadow Stick c/o (£13.50) in Pussy Bow. This little eyeshadow stick contains a little pot of eye shadow, mine is an iridescent white shimmery hue with a built in applicator. I loved this built in applicator as it means on the go there is no need for taking makeup brushes around with you. The colour of this shade is really pretty just for under the brow and in the dent of your nose.

So suddenly Ive realised this hasn't been then most positive collection of reviews but I've always said this is an honest blog. It's not that that I don't think Ciate haven't brought something new to the makeup market its just that for brand that I always saw as somewhere between high street and high end, I was really surprised to see that their new makeup range is actually quite over priced. Not that the brand isn't worth the money, it's just when I am paying a fair amount for makeup or beauty, I expected the quality to be a little better than I think some of these products are pretty average. If you are comparing to a brand like Mac that charges around £17, Ciate aren't far behind. I think you could get more quality for your money else where. 

Have you tried the new Ciate makeup collection?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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