June 07, 2015


On a rainy day in London, whats a girl to do. Over the past few months, I have slightly fallen back into the trap of just staying in, tucked up under a duvet and pretending that the sun isn't shining and that everyone is outside having a fantastic time. So what do I do? Decide to get my act together when the weather has been horrific and depressing. We are meant to be hitting the hot summer months now and hello sunshine where are you?

Last weekend, I met my closest friend and we hit Southbank in the rain. Stopping for brunch at La Pain Quotidien first just to the side of the Southbank, as its by far the most beautiful restaurant around that area, apart from the dreamy shabby chic interior, its within a railway arch so you can  hear the tubes and trains going over head! After our coffee hit we decided to stretch our legs all the way down the river, ending at the Tate Modern for an arty fix. It had been raining all day by now and we thought why not and braved a few droplets, what else are we going to do, hide away and eat cake all day...that came later! There is something beautiful about walking in London when its wet. The streets are quiet and the air feels peaceful. 

After a long refreshing walk by the river, a trip around all the galleries at the Tate and one art book in my backpack later, we braved the ever so rainy weather again and walked literally back into La Pain Quotidien for the amazing coffee once again. I was practically shaking from all the caffeine by the time we left but it was well worth it.

Be brave, ignore the weather and get outside. Don't hide away like I did for so long, as it was me that was missing out really.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I promise I'm not on my sofa in Pj's watching Netflix!!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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