June 23, 2015


There is something about pastel blue going on and if you haven't joined in the phase then you need to get on board. Why miss out! 

This weekend I will be going to my first wedding as an adult guest. Sounds all grown up, I know, totally freaking out but it will be the first time I go as someones date and meet alot of friends and family who will be in my life forever now. Taking that next step forward is always re-affirmed by events like this and I am so excited to move on and up especially to the future.

Back to the polish, mushy part over. To the wedding, I have bought a serious princess dress and it happens to be light blue. OK I am a trend setter! But my dilemma is do I wear matching nails. Of course as beauty blogger, i gotta protect my name but is it ever cool to do matchy matchy? 

This light blue nail polish is just so gorgeous and so elegant against my skin - slight obsession. It is a colour which doesn't look immature but just the right amount of colour. 

So now help. Is it OK to wear the same nail colour as my dress and what the hell do I do for the toes!? I need some advice here ladies, as I'm out here on my own and the boy will just say yes probably even if it does look ridiculously planned! Help!!

Hit me up on the comments below I need your advice!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. Yes, why not wear matchy-matchy nails with your dress! I think it looks sophisticated and I wouldn't be ashamed to do it - if you don't want to go with this colour you could always go even lighter or maybe with a mint green. Let us know what you choose - also I know this is a beauty blog but if you can I would love to see an OOTD of your dress :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  2. I like to match my nails to my outfit :) This shade looks very elegant and I would totally wear it with light blue dress! For the toes I'm thinking I would choose blue based fuchsia pink :) Have a great time at the wedding! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner


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