July 04, 2015


Gorgeous brushes have been the trend at the moment, with the Real Techniques extremely covertable Bold Metals collection and Rose Gold tipped brushes from Zoeva, it has been the time for building up your collection. Recently I wrote a post about the brushes for the basics and the ones I personally love HERE and I wish I had these then!

Lottie London is a fairly new beauty brand on the block, with a huge collection of nail polishes and beauty tools, this Lottie Best of Brushes collection c/o (£19.99) is a keeper. Now in the summer, pastels are my thing, so pastel lovers, these brushes are for you too - not that it's all about what things look but come on who are we kidding, us beauty gals love fancy packaging and Instagramable objects!

Lottie London's brushes are very soft, easy to wash and easy to use with this easy one stop pack of five brushes. The pastel coloured tips and cute pastel handles make these the perfect dressing table addition this Summer. This particular collection is made up of the fluffiest powder brush in a baby blue, a flat foundation brush in a mint green, a long pointed blending brush in a creamy yellow, a chunky eye shadow brush in a sexy coral and an angled eye brush in baby pink. For the price at approx £4 each they are a bargain, as they are more expensive to buy individually working out at £31! My favourite brush has to be the big fluffy powder brush, as it works great with bronzer during these sunny months and you can give it a big old swish in the product and apply all over.

Have you tried Lottie London's brushes yet, they are pretty darn beautiful aren't they? 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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