July 25, 2015


12 hour blush you say? Yes Bourjois new Summer collection has surprised me again with their innovative products and a liquid blush was just what I was looking for and one to last 12 hours...well you've just out done yourself. 

I think we are going to see alot of liquid blushes pop up over the next few months and as for drugstore Bourjois have hit us first with their Aqua Blush c/o (£8.99). Available to buy in four shades, this one being Inge-nude although it's not the most nude blush really. These blushes are a lightweight gel that you can blend and work into your skin to create a sheer bare skin look on your cheeks. Now be warned, if your after a few hours of makeup coverage this blush is not for you, as when they say 12 hour coverage they mean it. This is basically waterproof mascara for your cheeks! I have been using just a small amount in the mornings on my cheeks and it easily lasts the whole day with no budging.

Also launched are a few more colours of their Sweet Kiss Lipgloss c/o (£7.99) and their fabulous 1 Seconde Nail Polish c/o (£5.99). I am not really a gloss gal and these ones for me are too sticky however the colour packs a punch! The peach pastel nail polish is dreamy. I have been after for the perfect peach polish for a long time and this one is the one! I think they have released a mint green and baby blue too for the summer ahead.

Have you tried any of the new Summer Bourjous releases yet?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. The one thing which puts me off gloss is the fact that they usually tend to be sticky and it is a feeling I really don't like on my lips. That said, they are amazing shades x

    1. Im just not into sticky gloss either! No to hair stuck to face! xx


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