July 15, 2015


A multi tasking beauty on LLP today that covers two of every gals summer needs. Meet my newest summer must have This Works Energy Bank Sun Flash (£28.00, 30ml).

This lightweight balm is packed with nourishing vitamins and ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, for plumping and firming your skin, which over all blends together to give dull lifeless skin a radiant boost. Not only does the ingredients do the work for your skin, the balm is enriched with caramel that like the colour suggests in my pictures, it gives you a dose of natural colour without looking too dark or orange. The shocking brown balm actually completely blends with your skin to just give a subtle radiance.

What I really love about this product is that you can use it all over your body if you want on any of those pasty white areas you can just rub a little bit of this product on your skin and you have a perfect complexion. I like to use a little amount on the tops of my feet when I'm wearing trousers and flats to add a pop of colour. 

Overall I think usually the best way to know that any beauty product is a good'en is when the boy claims it as their own. I'm not going to lie, he has owned this product since the day I brought it home and I have had to steal it back pretty much every day. For both of us its the subtle natural glow it gives you that's the winner and as we are both a little pasty at the moment, this brightens and gives radiance back to your face with no fuss. I love this product and I think its worth the money even if it is a little pricey. It would be amazing at the start of your holidays before you pick up your tan!

What do you think of This Works Energy Bank Sun Flash Balm?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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