July 26, 2015


All I ever seem to do on here is apologies for my lack of appearance on LLP. I guess I thought I could keep LLP on going with my life but right now it becomes too much. It's very rare that I get a moment to myself and to be very honest, when I can be bothered to use my brain and sit at a computer and type. Over the last month so much has happened and the weeks have been flying by. 

Firstly I am an aunt! I can't believe that my little sister, is now a gorgeous mum of our beauty of a buba Lincoln Montgomery. Born on the 27th June 2015, when I was pretending to be a princess in my princess dress of dreams above! Once I found out he was born I didn't quite look like a princess, more a fumbling makeup ruined weirdo! He is so precious and I am so proud of my little sister. Both her and the buba are doing so well, even if she is up at all hours of the day and night, she is coping! A wonder woman! I get to see him a few times a week and get those amazing buba huggles that really are the best in the world. I can't wait to see him grow into a little walking talking mister. 

As for work, its starting to get crazy! After Wimbledon, I had to take a bit of time out as I was just exhausted and like I said in my earlier post, I just felt like I worked so hard, I forgot about myself. 

Since then, I had the crappiest few weeks where I just barely made it off the sofa and I wasted my weekends with hours of Netflix and tears. Last weekend I had to make a change. I was getting back in that dark place again and it scared me. Scared me enough that this week I have been doing as much as I can and even after work I have been pushing myself to get out to blog events again and see some of the beautiful city I am living in. 

This week I have literally been all about the city! I was partying at Citadel festival with my love this time last week, I've been to the most amazing rooftop garden munching sorbet exploring Liz Earle's new collection on Tuesday, I've eaten the best pulled pork burger along the river on Wednesday and now I am at home typing away like I am alive again. I love writing again and it makes me feel like me!

A weeks worth of beauty is ready and waiting for you so lets hope I can keep it up!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. One of my favourite photos of you, that dress gurl - simply stunning! And love little Lincoln looking cute as ever xxx


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