July 02, 2015


The dream product for us pale gals is here ladies!

Last weekend I went to my first wedding as a right old princess (check out instagram if you don't believe me!). As a pale girl, which for me there is literally nothing wrong with being - I embrace my natural white skin and I wouldn't have it any other way but sometimes milk bottle legs can be just a bit of a distraction. Fake tanning hasn't got any easier in my eyes. It is still streaky, I find it a right old pain in the arse to apply and well its just a test of my patience until I found this. So for the wedding I needed an easy quick fix for the day.

The Body Shop brand new Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist c/o (£15.00, 125ml) is the best tanner I have tried in a long time. A light weight gel-like mist that instantly give your legs (and well I've been using it all over expect the face) a tanned and most importantly natural burst of colour. I like to apply directly onto my skin and blend in with a usual tanning mitt to save any handy tanning! The sun-kissed look happens as soon as it lands on your skin and somehow The Body Shop have made a tanning product that literally leaves no streaks. It blends and almost disappears leaving your legs feeling hydrated with a natural tan- no more milk bottles! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture whilst I was away as I am camera-less at the mo and wanted to get this review done so I can spread the word.

Now, my only word of warning to anyone reading this is that the colour is subtle. This isn't a fake tan as we know it, it is pretty much like a tinted moisturiser but easier to apply and blend for your body. The spray's texture is the same as a liquid tan but needs no extra care, just rub it in and leave to dry for a few minutes. This product is amazing for anyone who wants as quick fix and a colour that can be built up to your taste. 

The great thing about this product too, if you haven't already been sold, is that it just washes off. No need for all that scrubbing it just comes away from your skin in the shower. Even easier than tan with no mess or fuss.

Pale ladies you need to give this one a go! Would love to hear how you found it.

Hugs & Kisses 
Becki xox


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