September 29, 2015


I am so excited for the future of beauty bloggers and vloggers who are beginning to slowly take the beauty world by storm. Not the first beauty blogger to take on the beauty industry but for me Fleur de Force is the most exciting. This gal knows her beauty and as far as makeup goes hers is always perfection. I have been a huge fan of Fleurs since way before LLP was born and now to see her name in literally lights at the most glamorous beauty launch of the year (I mean it was in a fricking underground pool bar!) this makeup collection has taken the vlogger domination to the next level.

Highly disappointed by other vloggers attempt at a stake of the beauty shelves, I think Fleur has done a great job with her new line. Launching a capsule makeup collection with Feel Unique shows that she has got the beauty backers and that she was able to make a very high quality product for the price.


Starting with the best bit of the collection for me, Fleur has launched two quad palettes, one which I have had the chance to try out and the colours are amazing. Cosmic Bronze eye shadow quad £7.99 c/o sums up my perfect palette! With a creamy light pearl like shade for under the brow, a warm taupe for the base, the most incredible mink shimmer, which has just as much punch as a Mac shadow and a dark coco brown the perfect colour for some blending into the eyes can see Fleur has really thought about the tones of each palette, making it a one stop shop for a sexy warm smokey eye. The texture is smooth and they could easily be layered on to create a subtle or bold look. There is also a second palette Lunar Rose £7.99 a collection of warm berry shades.

Launching also is Fleur's six piece lip gloss collection. At £6.99 each, the six colours range from nudes to corals and a red that packs a punch. I have never been a lipgloss gal but the formula in these are more softer and less sticky than most. The subtle gloss across your lips looks really pretty and with cute names after her  renowned love for stars, they are perfect for the younger market. The two I was lucky to try are shades Starlight, a bright fuchia c/o and Written in the Stars a mauve rose c/o. 

To add to this, Fleur also has designed a really substantial sizes makeup case, with the most gorgeous blend of light pastel watercolours, rose gold starts and a sexy rose gold zip. You know I'm a rose gold lover!! At £8.99 the quality is really good and it has a plastic liner so the makeup case can be cleaned and protected easily.

This is by far the best quality makeup I have tried from a vlogger and I think Fleur's collection will grow and grow, as I am pretty sure I am not the only one who loves her style and especially her amazing eye makeup! Serious girl crush!

Have you tried Fleur's new makeup collection? PS keep an eye out on my instagram over the next few weeks as you could win yourself part of Fleur's exciting new collection!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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