September 22, 2015


There are those rare occasions when I go to a blog event without pre-conceptions and that's usually when i get blown away totally unexpectedly. Gosh's new AW15 makeup launch was one of them. 

I have tried a few bits from Gosh Cosmetics before and was never really blown away. My favourite product from them has always been their Velvet Touch lip liners c/o £4.99, not only are they a bargain they have been placed right next to Mac lip liners as mighty fine dupes. And they are! For this launch comes their exciting new Velvet Touch Lipsticks c/o £6.99. Now these are a must try. 

I only ever wear a matt lip, just as it suits my style and to be honest, I don't suit anything else. This new collection of lipsticks are available in a huge range of shades and for me, the formula is flawless. I have tried so many matt lipsticks over the last few years and since my love affair with Mac matt lipsticks aka the driest formula ever, I haven't found many that complete with Mac's colour punch until now.

These lipsticks have the most amazing stay on power. They don't bleed or dry out your lips what so ever. They are easy to re apply without the lipstick clumping or looking too layered and if you are lazy like me most of the time, with these your lipsticks you don't really need to prep your lips. They actually seem hydrating for a matt lipstick. Matched with their Velvet Touch Liners they are a match made in lipstick heaven.

The lipsticks come in a set of perfect suitable shades for everyone, which I have even fallen in love with nude and natural shades because of this range! The 003 Antique is to die for as an everyday lip. It has a mysterious feel to it, with a nudey purple hue- so sexy!. As for the brights, well you know me they are just perfect. Favourites include this coral orange matt shade above and the classic 1950's red. 

I was overwhelmed to be allowed to try pretty much the whole range and if you can get to a Superdrug I couldn't recommend them enough. I literally don't use anything else for my lips at the moment and even for everyday, when I have avoided wearing lipsticks, i can now wear the natural looking shades and feel glamourous with no fuss.

Have you tried the new Velvet Touch Matt Lipsticks yet?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. Now I love a good Gosh lipstick and have quite a few, I just wish I could wear red, but it hates me and makes me look like a washed lout weirdo x

    1. These are so good, even the pinky ones i love and you know me Im a red gal through and through x


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