October 07, 2015


A few weeks back in the height of the summer months, the beautiful ladies over at Kilpatrick PR were so kind to send both my Mooma and I, a parcel of unbelievable beauty goodies. We speak quite often after doing a little bit of work experience at Kilpatrick last year and when they found out about my Dad, they really did cheer us up with this parcel.

In the parcel was a new brand for me and after having a quick research online, their a pricey one too. 

I think the brand is marketed for a more mature lady who is worried about ageing skin and how to effectively help slow the clock down with easy simple skincare. This brand does just that and for both my Mooma and I, we thought we would give it a go and see the different results.

Now I don't like to talk age but here I guess its a little necessary. I am 25 and my Mooma is a spring chicken at just 53. My Mooma looks great for her age but as time goes on she has started to worry about those fine lines and most important she always asks for help to try and make them disappear. I think to be honest, I always say you can't make them disappear but you can help stop them from getting deeper and find the right skincare that will enhance my Mum's beauty!

We both tested Colbert MD Illumino Face oil c/o (£100, 30ml). An absolutely lovely, easy to use product, which you can apply directly onto clean skin day, night or whenever you need a little glow pick me up. My Mum used it literally day and night and it has completely transformed her skincare routine and also made her realise with the right products, skincare really does make a difference. 

For both of us actually it was the glow factor that we noticed straight away. The oil itself is light, non greasy and sinks in quickly. It is a blend of Retinol and Vitamin E to help sooth and brighten your skin, Borage seed oil that helps repair and yangu oil improves skins elasticity. My Mum saw an improvement in all of these factors. For me it was all about the glow and I felt in the morning if I used it at night, I didn't really need to use anything else. To have glowing smooth and hydrated skin is all I am after and this gave it to me in a bottle.

I gave the even more expensive Uplift Eye Serum c/o (£110. 15ml) a go and for such a little amount, I was expecting gold or something. I liked to use this in the mornings, as not only does it sooth tired eyes it also helps to take away puffiness almost instantly. The cool gel like texture feels so nice in the morning but the price for me is still a little out of my budget and for instant results if you have the budget you should try the Face Oil, as it is wonderful.

Have you tried Colbert MD skincare before?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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