October 13, 2015


Last week I had the utmost pleasure of experiencing the 2015 Lush Christmas collection. Armed with my name badge, a secret map and a very large basket, we were asked to go and explore the store with difference areas and specialized staff on hand to excite and share the collection! Too excited! 

I'll skip the part where I had a massive anxiety attack as soon as I begun the trail but maybe that will be another post as people I carried on after and had the best time! 

If you haven't been to the Lush Oxford street store it is so worth a trip! It's fricking huge and you will have so much fun in there so as you can imagine, my basket was filled with literally the most incredible array of favourites and new bits that I can't wait to try. 

As for the Christmas experience, I was slightly worried, as I am an avid Lush fan and last year it didn't feel like they had created many new products but just adjust the shape and call it something new. However this year there are some brand new corkers & I can't wait to try them all! But first a few that I picked up...

I've never been a massive soap fan but last year for the first time ever I fell for my very first sample of Lush's soap in the form of Yog Nog c/o. 

The scent was a rich creamy blend of fudgy, toffee like spicy clove that made you want to dive into a pool of ice cream and eat the fragrance! This year I can reveal that Lush have brought us the New Yog Nog Bath Bomb c/o (£3.50) that not only smells as yummy as the soap but you can bath within it finally! With soothing soy yogurt and sexy perfumed ylang ylang this is a pre Christmas treat that you have to avoid eating it's so good! The cute Nordic design too makes this one for the kids and the grown ups! However I wish it turned the water a little less neon yellow, just a bit too out there for me, especially when the other half walked in and it looked like a bath full bodily fluid!

Next up is the Star Dust Bath Bomb c/o (£3.50) completely reminded me of last years shimmering silver star bath melt. This one however is a bath bomb so fills the bath with twinkly starlight and its scent is a light vanilla and rose base with uplifting bergamot. 

The cutest of the collection is the New Peeping Santa Bubble Bar c/o (£3.95). Lush know how to design that cute, can't resist product, like the much loved Penguin and Hedgehog last year! This sweet smelling strawberry Santa has a cocoa and Shea butter centre and fills your bath with bubbles if you can bare to even use him! If you don't want to ruin Santa's cute face, try the New Bar Humbug Bubble Bar c/o (£3.65). This interesting mix of rich dark liquorice, fennel and tarragon comes together to make a bath that is a little more grown up and purple of course! 

And finally we have my favourite of them all, the New Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar c/o (£5.25). This warming, spicy cinnamon stick beauty is something of a work of art. I mean I can't bare to use it as its so beautiful! It completely represents as classic Christmas ever with clove and almond it smells amazing! You can use this bubble bar a few times as you literally swish it around the bath to create as many bubble as you like then just pop it on the side for next time! This will make the best gift for a loved one! 

So what will you be picking this Christmas? 

Hugs & Kisses 
Becki xox 



  1. New Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar is my favourite too! its so christmassy! and i love how it has a cinnamon stick as a handle! its so cute!


    1. I like you called it a tool hehe! Cant wait to use them all and cover my bath in glitter! xx


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