October 20, 2015


As I am getting older, I am pretty sure that my body (and brain most of the time) are deteriorating. Those things that you thought you would never get just keep popping up and part from the fading eye sight and forgetful memory, my teeth have been suffering.

I never really took much notice of teeth. I always had fillings and issues as a young kid, but as I have got older, they have been looking and feeling fine until I started getting sensitive teeth. Something that I hadn't really thought would be a problem has become something I deal with everyday now. 

Don't underestimate the pain of sensitive teeth, as the pain can be unbearable and sometimes when I drink or just catch myself off guard, its enough to put you off eating!

Over the last six months I had to made a change to my tooth care routine so I kicked out the old routine and brought in the help of Sensodyne. Sensodyne is the number one recommended brand for sensitive teeth that doesn't just clean your teeth but helps care for them over time. 

My routine now consists of brushing at least twice a day with Sensodyne True White Toothpaste c/o (£7.99) and using the NEW Sensodyne Cool Mint Mouthwash c/o (£4.99, 500ml) once a day or when ever I need a freshen up. Unlike most toothpastes, Sensodyne's True White formula really makes a difference with not only brightening my teeth but the sensitivity as soon as I use it, almost numbing my teeth. The mouthwash adds to this and is a perfect pick me during the day or when I get home. The alcohol free Fluoride formula means it is extra kind to your teeth without any sort of abrasion. 

Sensodyne is my staple and although this may not be the most glamorous blog post you have ever read but it's one of the most important. Look after your teeth and if you feel any sort of sensitivity, make the change, don't suffer like I did.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I am really picky when it comes to Toothpaste, I have a fear of false teeth, so I am a tad OCD when it comes to cleaning them x

    1. Go for this one, loved the whitening effect as it actually worked and i did see the difference xx


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