October 01, 2015


I have been bathless for over a year now, boy am I happy to be back and reunited with that soothing, relaxing, gorgeous experience. Since moving, going back and forth between my two beauty stashes back home and here, I have found so many amazing products that I completely forgot about and now my body darn right needs them again!

The Bathory is one of them. At least a year ago, I was introduced to this boutique brand that hand make everything here in the UK with the aim of giving you an exceptional bathing experience. Just their packaging makes you want to completely re-design your bathroom and the chunky violet glass jars look amazing and can be used for flowers, cotton pads or to store your makeup brushes.

The product itself too is genius. The Bathory is an entire online experience. The product is completely personable where you get to choose your base to either Soothe, Detox or Bask and then you pick your three essential oils to re-create your favourite relaxing scent. I can't remember which three fragrances I ended up going for in these jars but knowing me I would have picked Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood. I'm a total fragrance gal and these two smell incredible. The bathroom becomes encapsulated with the fragrance once in the water and gets you away from the stress of the everyday. Bliss and man have i missed it!

They aren't cheap at £18 per jar, which I think is why they come packaged like a dream but if you are treating yourself or a friend it is well worth it. If you are like me you'll make the product last too!

Now these two jars are almost finished, with Christmas coming up, I think I might be not only treating myself but also they would make the best personalised gift for my friends! Hope they aren't reading this or steal my idea.

Have you tried a Bathory experience?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox 



  1. I so need me some of this, it sounds absolutely amazing x


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