October 08, 2015


Rituals is one of those brands that for some reason I always save for a rainy day. Their products look so lovely and are a real treat to use so much that I think they are too nice for everyday! Silly how we think like that isn't it as really we should treat ourselves as if everyday is special.

Two products that I couldn't keep my hands off once I moved into my new flat, as a little treat to myself, were Rituals Honey Touch Body Cream c/o (£17.00, 200ml) and Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel c/o (£8.50, 200ml). The body cream is a rich gorgeous velvety butter that just melts into your skin. The scent is a blend of honey and rose which calms and softens. I've been using it after the bath and it's the perfect pamper to keep your skin supple. The price is a little hefty but the pot is going to last me months!

Rituals Yogi Flow shower foam is like nothing I have tried before. I have tried foam shower products and they always leave my skin feeling squeaky clean and dry! This one is the complete opposite. The foam starts as a thick gel which when added to water on your skin, it slowly begins to lather up. This rich foam leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling of rose and sweet almonds, a slightly synthetic almond but soft enough to leave your skin smelling more like roses! Using these two products together are a perfect sensual match.

Have you made yourself a pampering session with Rituals yet?

Hugs & Kisses

Becki xox


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