October 29, 2015


Oh Paris, Paris, Paris! There was one thing on my mind when we arrived off the Euro star and that was to hit a Sephora. The most talked about store in Britain when ever I dreamt of jet setting off I was hoping that this store would finally let me into the secret and share what everyone always goes on about.

I am a newbie makeup lover, never did I used to spend big bucks on my makeup but times are a changing and now you cant stop me. Back in 2014, Jess my lil sis, hit up Sephora on my behalf in New York and I was blown away with the amazing Sephora own palettes that I still use everyday and Tarte Makeup but I have to say the French store disappointed me. Maybe we just have access to all the brands over her in the UK but there was nothing I had really not seen before. The prices were similar too.

As for skincare, the feeling was of similar caliber. I was disappointed. So knowing I would be gutted if I didn't just buy one thing from the store and the fact I had spent over an hour just browsing, I was swayed by Sephora's own branded collection (aka the prettiest, colour coded packaging I had ever seen!).

I'm a packaging whore and if something looks pretty I'm buying. Meet the two most pricey body washes! These two flat rounded patterned body washes from Sephora's own range were €7 each! They do smell amazing, one of coconut (standard and can never go wrong) and the other of blue flowers, so a violet floral scent. The one plus side of these beauts is boy do they look good in bathroom! 

Also catching my eye and that happened to end up in my basket is this huge bundle of sheet and eye masks that were also picked up due to the packaging (insert emoiji of monkey covering eyes!). Sephora had me! The sheet masks however always make great little evening pick me ups and I am massively into the eye ones now after trying some out over the last few months. Tired eyes have started becoming a wee issue of age!

Finally I couldn't leave without purchasing probably the brightest nail polish Formula X make, €10 each. This amazing canary yellowy orange was the colour I was after all summer. I think its really hard to find a great yellowy shade that doesn't wash out your skin, especially my very pale hands but makes your nails look rich. I have tried this shad out already and I think I'm going to be rocking it for this Autumn as I love it!!! 

So there you have it! Might slight weak Sephora I am sure you'd agree! What would you pick up in Paris?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. LOVE your picks!
    I went to the Paris store late last yr and was a little disappointed too, I really wanted to see some new brands we don't normally have access to but no joy.
    I'm heading to Barcelona next yr and cannot wait to check out the store near our apartment, it's already on my to-do list - here's hoping for some new brands there. Otherwise, like yourself, I'll pick up some Sephora own brand products to try.
    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks

    1. I completely agree was rather disappointed. I think the American Sephora is the one we need to get too! I think we have access to many brands now here that European stores just don't hold much excitement for us! To go up against Boots is a tough one! xx


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