October 04, 2015


Living in a small studio was always going to prove to be problematic for a beauty addict. I mean how many products does one girl need? Ask someone who isnt a beauty blogger! Over the last view years LLP has grown and so has my hoarding stash. Whilst I was back in Wimbledon, my beauty stash had to stay contained as I just didn't have the space for it to be exploding out of every cupboard.

So I have upgraded the small studio for my dream home. A two bed and two bathroom!!!

With the extra room, so came along the extra beauty collection that I was storing away back at my parents! Yes we have dirty little secrets!!

As you do when you move or when you downsize, I thought it was best to go through all of my hoarding and throw, give away and keep bits that needed to be sorted out. This literally halved my collection and I am sure you can see, its still obscene! 

Although I have my own bathroom now (expect bathroom snippets coming soon) I still literally couldn't find a home for all of my stuff. These new builds always have no storage!!! So my beauty stash has made its way into the living room, into my favourite set of draws that I bought last year for clothes. This solid simplistic set of draws is actually from Ikea! At £300 it was Ikea's more premium range but it has lasted and still looks great! 

So if your not always after these fiddly little draws that bloggers seem to always go on about, get yourself some draw liners, Ikea do really cheap plastic ones and just use a regular set of draws. I only use three of the draws in this set of draws but hello, my other half hasn't filled his side soon I'll be expanding very soon!

Keep an eye out for my bathroom tour coming soon! 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox 


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