October 22, 2015


Vibrating wonders do wonders for your skin! Well for mine it has become a must have. Never have I been one for cleansing devices, as to be honest, my hands are good enough when it comes to cleansing until i got the chance to try the Foreo Luna Facial Cleansing Brush c/o (£145).

This cleansing tool is unlike anything i have seen before. To start I have to say how amazing the size is, it's completely packable and for travelling its amazing. It even comes with its own little pouch. The Luna's shape has been designed so it can perfectly fit in your palm and so you can take it anywhere. 

To get the best cleanse with a Luna, you use it for two minutes with your favourite cleanser, I recommend a cream cleanser, as with a balm it just gets way to slippery! The soft, rounded silicone touch points that caresses your skin, help to exfoliate and with the added T-Sonic pulsation (yes, I'm aware how that sounds a little less like a cleanser) it gives your face the most gentle massage. After using this my skin glows and you know that 'red face' situation after a great facial massage, this sometimes does that to me too! 

The most amazing part for me with this cleanser is the genius use of silicone. This material means its completely waterproof that resists the build up of bacteria. So you can literally just wash it under some water or soap and leave it to dry, which takes all of 2 minutes. 

To use with the Luna and supposedly is the best texture to use with Foreo products is their new cleansers for day and night. At £30 for the night and £25 for the day, the cleansers are quite pricey. For me I didn't love this cleanser's texture, it is a light gel that slight turns into a milky foam. To use with the Foreo I totally get the texture is perfect but for a good cleanse, I like something richer. Other than that i am mega impressed with the Luna and you all need one!

Have you tried the Luna yet? Whats your favourite cleansing tool? 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox 



  1. I love my Luna and I really like the morning cleanser which I think you would also love x

  2. Might need to invest in one of these


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