November 06, 2015


I will never fall out of love with Lush Cosmetics, I don't know what they have done to me but I am a complete Lushie! The new Oxford Street Store is one of my favourite shops in London, with kind and friendly staff, it's just an Aladdin's cave of goodies waiting to be tried and played with. 

A few bits that I managed to pick up last time I was in the store will now forever be some of my all time favourites. To start I have to share my love for Lord Of Misrule Shower Scream c/o 9£4.95, 100g) get what they did there? Pushed as part of their Halloween range, this shower cream is now available in the Oxford street store all year round. Don't be scared by the green colour as it's the scent that you need to fall in love with. A herbal feast that reminds me of misty forests and sweet wild flowers, the cream is very thin so it subtly lathers into a light foam and leaves your skin so soft. Honestly guys the scent!!! My original review back in the summer is HERE

A firm favourite of mine for years now had to be in my basket and that is Daddy O c/o (£5.75, 100g) Now I have gone back to my blonde ombre, this shampoo has been keeping my blonde looking healthy and shiny. The electric purple thin liquid, foams in your hands and with the infusion of Seaweed and Lemon, it keeps your blonde looking fresh. I also find that this shampoo gives my hair so much volume too! 
Two new ones for you, and the first is from their Christmas collection Salt and Peppermint Bark Shower Scrub c/o (£5.95). Finally Lush have brought out a much more practical scrub, which I swear I have been conjuring up in my head for years. This Scrub is one block, which you can scrub all over your body, think like an exfoliator luffa but with ingredients such as cocoa butter and salt to give your skin a really good buff! 

Speaking of buffing your skin their new Cup O' Coffee face and body mask c/o (£6.75, 150g) is a pot of dreams. I am a total coffee addict and to rub coffee all over my body...hell yes! This mask is a rich and aromatic skin invigorator with roasted cocoa extract, vanilla and vetiver, your in for an awakening experience. The texture feels so soothing over your body and on your face just like Lush's other fresh face masks it leaves your skin smooth and bright. The little pieces of ground coffee I found were great for exfoliation and hydrating my skin. Bliss and I'd like to use this everyday if it comes in pint sizes!
Have you tried any of these four Lush products?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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