November 12, 2015


I have wanted to share pictures of my new flat for quite a while now but with Autumn lighting and the fact that my flat doesn't see the light for very long, the window for capture its beauty is almost impossible. The reality of blogging in the winter!

One room that has become my little sanctuary however and a room I wanted to share a little part of with you is my bathroom. Yes you heard me, my bathroom. We actually are living the dream and we have a his and hers! *pinch myself again!* Of course, I took the bathroom with the actual bath that I had been waiting for a lifetime to have, so I could finally use all of my Lush Bath Bombs instead of having to donate them to everyone!

My bathroom is my happy place. Sad I know! I get to keep it how I like, I get to fill it up how I like and most importantly all my beautiful skincare gets to take pride of place in the cupboard of dreams! 

Im not one of those OCD girls who keep everything in perfect places, all lined up, in alphabetical order blah blah blah just to look good in pictures but for me it's an organised mess. One huge positive that came out of this newly built flat was the storage in the bathroom. A fully fitted giant mirrored cupboard with glass shelves was filled almost instantly!

In this cupboard I keep all the skincare that I am using at the bottom, which changes weekly my friend from my other hidden stash! I like to keep my shower and bath bits in here too so they are easy to get to and all my 'pretty bath bits' as I like to call them aka a small fortune, on the glass shelves either side of the cupboard that are perfect 'show' shelves.

It's pretty much fate if you are a beauty blogger, some time down the line you will end up in Muji buying yourself some storage solutions. In terms of quality, price and practicality, Muji is where it is at. Makeup storage in the bathroom isn't actually that ideal for me, as I do worry that they might get damaged with steam etc but for now its working out quite well. I have an ever growing collection of makeup that I do like to go through regularly as I think its crazy to keep so much makeup for just one person. I have just two three draw containers and one two draw boxes that just stack up neatly in the corner.

As I had the space, I did buy a few bits of bathroom furniture from Ikea to store my towels and bits and bobs that I didn't want to have on show. I love my brown IKEA bench the most as I think it was such a bargain at £30 and looks great with the grey tiles! Find it HERE.

I will try and get some more pictures of my interiors soon, darn the winter light but for now my bathroom is my little heaven!

What are your bathroom storage solutions?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. I am interested in that sliding drawer for storage! I have a fair amount of implements in the bathroom (not makeup) that would probably do well in a storage unit like this!


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