November 23, 2015


There is something about that sweet smell of Christmas that even a complete (and open) fragrance snob (whats the point of hiding it!) loves! Give me the scent of cinnamon, a smokey warm fire or anything of gingerbread origin and I'm there. 

This year, I Love... Cosmetics, a brand who know how to hit fragrance nostalgia on the head and create products that you just want to dive into, have launched a few new fragrances this year that you must have a sniff of if you can. Found in your usual I Love...Cosmetic stores, Primark, Superdrug and online make sure you track them down. 

This year, Primark are stocking collections and gifts including I Love...Cosmetic's two new Christmas offerings of Chocolate & Oranges or Gingerbread.  I have tried them both in the form of a shower cream and they both smell exactly as suggested, so much that you do just want to get your finger in them and taste them (please don't do this as you'll probably foam up!) The Gingerbread is probably more to my taste as its less sweety sweet if you catch my drift!

My favourite fragrance however is the new and exclusive Cherry Almond Sparkle Bath & Shower Cream for Superdrug. Not your usual Christmas fragrance, this scent is a Bakewell tart in a pot and I mean who doesn't love cake! Probably, best described as cherry and marzipan, this shower cream fills your whole bathroom like a tasty baked dessert! However the fragrance doesn't really stay on the skin for too long, which I actually prefer as it means you can layer on your usual moisturiser without worrying about layering up too many scents. 

These cute little 100ml Shower Creams are perfect for stocking fillers and won't break the bank!

What's your favourite I Love Cosmetic fragrance?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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