November 01, 2015


Find the most Parisian place to stay in & have an authentic experience. 
We found the most beautiful Parisian apartment on Air BnB that was south of the river, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and somewhere actually with some peace and quiet. I mean my bedroom over looked a cemetery, creepy for most but I found it so peaceful and you wont be getting woke up throughout the night with drunks and tooting horns!

French apartments are known for their eclectic furniture and cool style not forgetting the giant floor to celling windows opening onto the tiniest balcony you'll ever see. They are everywhere and if your after somewhere with a difference and not just a boring hotel room, find a real Parisian apartment and have an authentic experience. You'll save alot of money too!
Just because your on holiday doesn't mean you shouldn't cook.
Being situated in Denfert Rochereau, the prettiest southern district, this little area was away from the big city, tourists and the expense of what can sometimes be extortionate in Paris. For us with our own little apartment and the most amazing foody streets, we took to the supermarket most nights, not really craving the stuffy expensive bistro at every corner and bought all the food we needed to cook. OK so it mainly consisted of la pain, cheese, hams and the most incredible hand made pasta from an amazing fresh Italian stall, but why not hey! The food we cooked was so tasty and its all about simple ingredients. Saving money here meant more beauty shopping!

If you visit a fancy hotel, expect to pay the premium.
We had to visit the George V hotel in Paris, the Mecca for florists, this hotel is famed for its huge extravagant displays. However getting a little too used the smart five start hotel, a coffee was 15 euros!! Yes 15euros I spent on a coffee. I think for us we just had to do it. We were in the most beautiful hotel, the most amazing Parisian bar, how could we just up and leave. Just expect to pay alot! Knowing this would have soften the blow of the bill.

Stay away from the North. 
The best piece of advice I was given before going to Paris was to stick to the south of the river. Unlike London, I think there is a real difference in both safety and how you feel walking around from the north and south of Paris. Most of the touristy areas are somewhere in between but places like the Sacre-coeur is situated in the rougher side of Paris. It wasn't the best vibes being in the North and as a tourists you will stand out like a sore thumb. If you just just avoid it and if you do go there keep your wits about you.

Don't bother with restaurants for breakfast or lunch.

The best part of French cuisine for me is the bread and pastries, the cheese, the wine.... all amazing. For us, on a little budget, it was so easy to just pick up a croissant on route at a local bakery and grab a baguette with what ever filling you want, the census seemed to be ham and cheese, and take it out to eat with you. In Paris you never know where you might end up so if you have a great local bakery, it would be much better to buy there for a descent price than to get ripped off at the tourist hot spots.

Don't plan, just explore. 
I'm a complete control freak. So to go to Paris with no major plans was as huge deal for me. I wasn't too fussed about the sights but using the main areas as a point of exit was a good plan. Then we just explored, followed our gut and took on the city however we felt like. Forget the tourist stuff and just go your own way!

Never show your a tourist!
This is an interesting one. When your in Paris, think like a Parisian, keep your head high and the tourist books away. If you bring out a travel guide people will literally pounce on you for money! I found if you looked like you knew where you were, even the French were coming to ask you for directions! 

Scared of heights? Visit the Pompidou Roof Top Bar to see the best views of Paris.
Forget the Eiffel Tower, for me I think its rather ugly and I am actually terrified of heights so couldn't go that high anyways but how could I miss out on seeing the city. I had heard there was a great swanky bar at the top of the Pompidou - the famous tubed art gallery. Now this is quite a stuffy bar, as in don't expect to find chatty staff or quick service but the bar itself is so cool. It slightly reminds me of bars like Sketch in London. Modern, cool and bizarre! The drinks are pricey but to be honest, it was worth it for the incredible all around views of Paris and what a way to end our trip.

Taking on City Pharma.
Yes it really is as good as everyone says it is. But take my advice, plan what you want to buy before heading there. Everything is a little cheaper than London and there is more choice. However some products are an absolute steal like La Roche Posay Serozinc or the cult lip balm from Nuxe, Reve de Miel. It is so crazy in there, I would definitely recommend not going during lunchtime and go in the evenings so then you can run home and look at all of your amazing buys!!

Surviving the Metro.
The metro isn't the nicest place in Paris and some of the central stations, especially in the North aren't safe. I mean just come out the Gard du Nord, its intense! Keep your wits about you, keep your belongings safe and don't bring out your phone. We bought a three day travel card just so we could travel whenever we wanted, wouldn't have the hassle of always buying tickets and working out those complex machines! Also be warned that most people bump through on the metro and they will lurk behind you and push through. Paris only have a set of barriers when you arrive at the station and a weird push through door on the way out so its easy to bump!

Three nights is perfect.
No more or no less was three was the perfect number. Depending on what you want to do, just explore and relax in three days is easy peasy!=

I hope these tips might be handy if your planning on going to Paris and would love to hear what you think too!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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