November 23, 2015


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a dog. I have always been brought up around animals and dogs especially, from my old boy Mr Grolsch to a fleeting love with Mr Arnie, Jess's dachshund, I have always known I probably would rather have a house full of dogs than children. Now that's another topic but finally after so many years of wanting, I took the plunge and got this little fella last week. Meet Oscar the Blue French Bulldog at 8 weeks old.

I think if your thinking of getting a dog, the timing has to be right in your life as they are a huge commitment. For me, working at my family business allows me to bring him with me everyday and now I am settled into a home that I probably will be living in for many years to come, the time was just right and now I can dedicate my life to giving Oscar all of my attention and love. 

The hardest decision for me in picking little Oscar was because out of all the beautiful dogs out there which one to pick! For me, it was always about what the right breed was to suit my busy but chilled lifestyle and most importantly a dog that doesn't mind living in a flat, as I couldn't stand if I was limiting a dogs life. Despite alot pf tough love over many different breeds between me and my other half, a french bulldog seemed to just fit. I never really saw myself getting any sort of pug/bulldog breed, as they seem to be the 'in' dog at the moment but after so much reading and swooning over tiny puppies we fell in love. 

I think if we lived somewhere bigger, we probably would have ended up with a pack of huskies so trust me, little Oscar took alot of persuading but as soon as I went and met him for the first time, he was just perfect. I picked him up on my second visit and as soon as we got him home, it just felt right.

So far he has been pretty low maintenance, apart from alot of crying in his cage and at night, which I am sure will take time to pass once he is fully settled but I can say now this is the best decision I have ever made. He is already so loving, so kind and so much fun when he wants to be. He still cant go out for a few more weeks so lots of home time and snuggles through the cold weather is he's favourite.

If your after some info on how we finally picked Oscar, I am more than happy top answer any of your questions, just drop me an email or comment below. I am pretty sire he is going to be making a big appearance on LLP from now on so I hope you love him just as much as we do!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



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