January 15, 2016


Last year, I became a mother. Forget having kids, having a pup is the next best thing. Sleepless nights, constant attention and struggling to ever make it out of the house is the new must have. The choice to get a puppy was always bound to happen, with us now settled in our flat for hopefully many years to come, what more would make it a home than to have a little terror running about. You can read my post when I first got him HERE and you can probably tell not much has changed apart from the size of him. Here he is barely 10 weeks old - don't look if you have a weak disposition!

Now Oscar is 4 months old, he is starting to fully get into his character. Being a Frenchie, he has certainly grown into their stubborn nature easily enough, with walks being his main nemesis. He would do anything to not have to walk out in the cold or dirty up his paws. However he adores people watching and greeting literally every single person that walks by him. He is a people person for sure! But from a mother who is happy to vent on here, the attention Oscar gets drives me insane! As much as its lovely people saying how cutie your dog is, it grates and grates when you hear it every five paces.

My life has turned around for the better though and even if i do have a bad day or a little cry, Oscar is there to lick the tears away. Gross but true. He is such great company at home, all the cuddles are priceless and now he has his little independent play sessions (yes I have become a mother haven't I, listen to the lingo) he is the funniest pup to watch! That's the great thing about Frenchie's is their personalities includes the best of both worlds - energetic and blooming lazy.

I am totally smitten by Oscar and to feel so much responsibility for such a beautiful little life, I'm honoured to have him and I am so happy I can share him here with you guys!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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