January 18, 2016


First beauty post of 2016! I've decided to blog about brands, products and things that I want to write about this year instead of putting so much pressure on myself to share the latest thing just to get views. That's the reality of most beauty blogs these days and I just don't want to be part of that anymore. I'm blogging for me this year and I hope you can share my passion with me. OK intro over hehe!

I am a packaging hoe bag these days. I know your meant to be all excited by the product inside but sometimes if the product isn't looking good, in my eyes it never does the product inside justice. Sometimes your find a brand that just ticks all the boxes for you and although the packaging is very clean and simple, the product inside really does blow you away.

Davines is a new brand to me, which I spotted back in my favourite lust worthy store Liberty back in the summer if 2015. Kindly I was sent a few bits to try back in November and I haven't used anything else since and I say that HONESTLY. Firstly the packaging is a winner. Simple branding, telling you exactly what the product does with no tricks or claims. 

I was sent both Volu Shampoo c/o (£14.50, 250ml) and the Melu Conditioner c/o (£15.75, 250ml). The perfect pairing picked for my long, ombre flat as a pancake hair (most days anyway when I'm not pulling a brush through my tangled bush of a hair- as I never brush it!). The Volu Shampoo is ideal for limp or fine hair and as the name suggests, with my Italian roots, it helps create volume. The soft light foaming shampoo, is easily activated with a bit of water and foams up more than your usual shampoo. It also feels light on your hair and when washed out your hair feels nourished and not that awful squeaky clean that always gives me the goosebumps!

The Melu conditioner is the star product in my duo for me. Suited for ling hair, this luscious thick conditioner feels like your scooping out creamy butter. The formula is designed to gently condition the hair without making it too heavy. I like to mainly focus on my ends, which with the blonde ombre they can look a little withered. Today even as I type, my hair feels so soft and light. The blonde too radiates! 

These products are a little more than I would usually spend but they are beautiful to use, aren't filled with nasties and I would rather enjoy washing my hair with something special than making it a chore, as it usually is for us long haired lasses!

Have you tried Davines?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I saw this range in Liberty the other day - so tempted to give them a try!!

    littleyellowbutterflies.com xx

    1. Oh liberty! Thats where I first saw it too x


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