January 07, 2016


Throw me back to November 2015. I suddenly (and once again letting you guys down) stopped blogging. My phone had been smashed to bits, I was in lazy winter mode early and well I was making blogging a chore again. The worst of all excuses...I just couldn't be bothered. Pure laziness! It's awful to admit but I am all about honesty here.

In a flash, I packed up something I loved as something just didn't fit anymore.

I've been blogging for years now and it has been there for me through both the amazing and really shit times. It's been my outlet to just write for me, share my passions, meet some amazing like minded people and along the way I have had some fantastic opportunities that I couldn't be anymore grateful for. Although its easy to daydream, I have to admit I've never thought of blogging as a career for me. It was always something I just fell into and somehow I found a passion, I never knew existed in me. However since starting, blogging has become the IT thing to do and the new quick way to fame. Where as I am still totally terrified of people actually wanting to follow me, the pressure of pleasuring brands I work with, keeping up with the younger crowd who are just smashing it at being the next big thing and may I just add are getting younger and younger...where as I am here just still writing away selfishly for me.

Is there space for me anymore I have to ask? Have I become the old school blogger?

Taking a step back over the last few months has made me question why I want to blog anymore? Is it for the social aspect, is it for the parties, is it for the endless supply of new products, or just my love for beauty and talking aloud to you - my followers. Do I even want to be part of this mean girl, who's got what first industry? As trust me it's like that. Oh the horror stories, which sometime down the line I do think people need to start knowing about, especially from a non-biased gal that still even now can't believe that I was noticed amongst the huge fish out there.

I think I am still figuring out what blogging means to me now as a (LATE) twenties Londoner who is still trying to figure out what I want from life and it may take me a while to bring my little piece of cyber space alive again. 

So stick with me if you will...

But all I knew was as soon as I took the plunge to sign back onto Blogger, I knew I'd want to write again.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. Hello again Becki. It's good (as always!) to see you back. Having become disillusioned with blogging myself through this last year (yes, there are so many 'next big things' now) I can totally understand where you're coming from. However, like you say, the love of writing is hard to keep away from isn't it?! Looking forward to reading your posts again, and hoping your dad is doing well.
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings


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