January 13, 2016


It's no lie that I was obsessed with beauty last year. I had unruly amounts. Every sort of brand, high end to high street that claims to fix you up and sort out every trick of the trade. It was almost sickening how I had accumulated so much. As honesty is the policy here - I had hardly paid for any of it.

Some say the perks of being a blogger? For me I just felt almost spoilt and overwhelmed that brands would want to gift me such incredible products. Alot of people just expect it now. It's a nasty competition of who gets what first if you can believe it!

I'm totally aware that blogging can be a full time career now and I know its important to work with brands but come on we are all supposed to have a passion for the same thing so there isn't anything to fight over. 

For me the never spoken about deal is - brands send you something, usually you write about it - unless its truly awful for me as a hate a negative review, which in my experience hasn't ever happened and thats kinda like your payment for free exposure.

For most massive beauty corporations, what is losing a few pennies here and there on sending out gifts for bloggers to expose instantly across social media and their channel, which these days is a must. This has now become a bloggers career. 

However these days you don't just get free product to try, which you MIGHT write about but you can also get paid for it. We aren't just talking a few bucks either - it can go into the thousands just for one Instagram post! I'm sure this is nothing new but in a world where people right now are eating grass just to survive, for me there is something wrong about all of this. 

I know giving away a lipstick from the thousands that you might have stashed away in your cupboards won't save the world but isn't it time to stop hoarding things you don't use and start giving them to others who could really love and use them. 

I think ive started to feel so strongly about parts of being a blogger since my two month break and what I like to call a beauty detox. Taking a step back, realising that your collection has actually busted your set of draws is ridiculous. 

How much beauty do we really need?

I am not coming here all guns blazing as I've been there and my draws are still bigger than your average ladies but I've had the crazy beauty collection where most of it gets used once and then gets put in a draw for a rainy day. Back in October I have to admit, I wasn't ready then to let it go. By taking a step back from blogging it's made me look at the things around me and should me how gifting can become a little out of hand. That's why I have made a promise that this year I want to donate alot of my beauty gifts to shelters, Women's refuges and family that I know will appreciate the gesture. Even look into donating to Caroline Hirons Give And Makeup Charity that does it all for you.

So I beg, please pass some of your stash along to others, be that your friends, family or a Charity but somewhere other than a dust collecting draw that once a year usually gets paraded off in a storage video!  

This year make a change and lets keep the blogging world not a selfish one anymore.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox

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