February 11, 2016


Launching sometime this month to coincide with the day of love I assume, is Melvita's latest collection of body care products with the fragrance of Nectar de Roses or Wild Roses. If you have ever tried Melvita's face and body products before I always think they have a really unique scent, natural and fresh but unlike anything else. This collection is somewhere in between their Moisturising Rose Nectar Face Cream and their Plumping Radiance Pulpe de Rose Face Cream along with their Rose Floral water! Yes I call myself a Melvita expert hehe!  

The secret to the new body collection is a blend of three rose extracts. Floral rose water, seed oil and extracts from the flower makes this a rose lovers dream. The collection isn't just all about the scent it is also great for people who need hydration. Rose is known to activate the skins hydration leaving you with softer smoother skin, which is what a few of these products certainly do.

To kick off the collection is my favourite product the Nectar de Roses Hydrating Body Veil c/o (£15.00) - I mean how good does that sound! This is more of a body milk than butter and it's light texture sweeps over your skin, hydrating as it goes. My skin feels so soft after using this and even just as a hand cream its amazing how hydrated your skin feels. This body milk claims to give 24 hour moisture but how can we ever really tell when the central heating is on full blast! The Nectar de Roses Rose Petal Shower Gel c/o (£13.00) is a rich and luxurious formula that quickly foams and hydrates in the shower. Leaving you smelling of roses and feeling very relaxed. I always love Melvita's shower gels as they are alot thicker than most and you only need a very little to lather. 

Melvita's Nectar de Roses multipurpose balm c/o (£10.00) is another great product and a very cute present to buy a loved one. First of all it's housed in the sweetest little pot, perfect for your handbag and it can be used for your lips and any dry patches on the go. It is quite pricey but does last a very long time. The final product is their gorgeous rosy Rose Sauvages Eau de Toilette c/o (£36.00) a light floral perfume that includes essence of three wild roses. Being quite used to a good rose fragrance, this is more of a lighter spring like scent that smells very much of wild roses. It's not too strong on the skin and does last for a while.

Do you like the sound of the new Melvita Nectar de Roses collection?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox  

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