February 18, 2016


Back in Dec/Jan, me and the other half were doing our usual Monday ritual of watching Dragons Den - one of the very few shows that we can just about sit through together and finally something that caught my attention was featured. Grounded, was a brand presented by a couple from the UK who had seen a gap in the market for a certain type of scrub that can be found all over the world apart from here. If you can't tell what is is keep on reading!

Coffee scrub people! You can tell why it caught my attention, as I am a complete coffee addict. The product that they were selling to the Dragon's is a coffee based dry scrub that is mainly found in hot countries from what I can see like Australia and USA. Of course I had to give it a go like any beauty/coffee addict must, as luckily for the couple they got a deal! 

I bought my scrub from Boots, which in the Den was actually one of the places that they spoke about getting their product into - so congrats on that one and available from three fragrances Grapefruit, Coconut and Orange Chocolate, I went for the Coconut Grounded Scrub (£15.00, 200g).

Like I said, this scrub is unlike anything I have tried here in the UK as it is a dry scrub. Made with dry ingredients such as robusta coffee beans, brown sugar, rock salt and sweet almond oil, the product not only smells amazing, the texture is pretty unique. The dry ingredients make for a very very very rough scrub in the shower, which I adore. I always say the rougher the better! I find I see a difference in my skin if I use a rough scrub and it feels like it is really buffing away dead skin cells and hopefully helping to break down the blooming cellulite!

I totally understand why products like this work over on the other side of the globe where it is hot, as to use this product to get the most out of it, you need to stand around and scrub your body in the shower, just to save the scrub going all over your floor, for at least 10 minutes. Now this sounds all great on the packet but if your in a house like mine, you can't stand around for 10 minutes naked in the cold!!! I barely make 5 minutes before I need to jump under the hot water. 

The scrub its self is amazing to use and does make your skin super soft but practicality has to be discussed if I am going to be honest and this is it not practical to use unfortunately! The mess of scrubbing dry scrub over your body is not for those cleaning freaks out there as you kinda lose most of scrub down the plug hole and it does go everywhere. The packaging too isn't the easiest to use whilst in the bath tub as once your hands are a little wet, to then put your hand inside the bag makes even more mess. It is a product that you have to be dedicated to use!

HOWEVER, for me this is one of those products that I can't ever imagine not having in my life now I've used it. I adore the coffee element and it is the best rough scrub I have found in a really long time that isn't just salt based, which sometimes dries out my skin. I love this product and if you can afford to treat yourself as its not a cheap treat, do it!

Will you be trying this new Grounded coffee scrub?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. I cannot wait for mine to arrive, it sounds just absolutely divine x


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