February 16, 2016


Back in 2015, when I was casually online shopping as you do, I happened to stubble upon on the new H&M beauty collection. I was really impressed with the extensive range and look of the new collection just from what I saw online. Trying the products of course is where you really want them to be special and for the bargain prices I was sceptical.

I picked up a few body products, as I always think you can't really go wrong with a good body butter and its always the safe bet so starting with the most expensive product from my basket is the Revelation Body Lotion (£6.99, 250ml). The first thing you need to know is this is dubbed as the 'premium quality' so god knows whats in the not so premium range hehe! I feel for this body lotion online as I loved the look of the black bottle and the fact it has a pump, which I always think is so much easier to use after a shower. With a masculine sexy scent, this seductive body lotion is enriched with Vitamin e and leaves your skin soft with only one pump. The cream is quite light so it doesn't leave any sort of sticky feeling on your skin.

Picking up a body wash just was a must at £2.99 they are a bargain. I picked up Cashmere Haze (£2.99, 250ml) a blended fragrance of jasmine and sandalwood, two of my favourite scents, the body wash is a nice accompaniment to my shower. The gel is thicker than most and foams into a lovely fragranced body wash. 

A product I was a little disappointed with, due to texture, is the Rose Reverie Body Scrub (£3.99, 250ml). I have tried many a scrub and even the cheap ones usually give a good exfoliation. This body scrub is just a little bit flakey, it isn't really a scrub, as the liquid is very runny and the little granules in it don't really do too much. I do love the scent and its rosy blend with magnolia makes it a light girly treat. I think the product should be a little more solid and even for a mild exfoliation you would need a bit more of a texture to actually exfoliate your skin. 

So you win some you lose some! Have you tried the H & M body collection?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I love the look of these, they look much more expensive than they are!xo

  2. This stuff looks and sounds great. The packaging is lovely. May just have to try these.

    Hannah xxx

  3. Ah I had high hopes for the scrub, so am sad to hear it is a little bit rubbish x

  4. I've heard quite a lot of positivity about H&M's makeup products, but not much about the skincare. I'd definitely pick up some of their shower gels, but the body lotion sits at annoying price for me. It's not cheap enough that I'd just pick it up on a whim and so I think I'd prefer to spend a little more to get a really effective body cream, from The Body Shop for example. There's a part of me that will always feel dubious about clothing brands releasing beauty products, I think!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty



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