February 15, 2016


I have had quite a few questions and comments over on my Instagram every time I post up a picture of my collection of Cacti. Before moving into my new flat in August I was never really on the whole looking after living plants at home. As a florist there is nothing worse than having to throw out old flowers or even arranging fresh ones when you've been doing it all day. I feel kinda similar to plants and with the horrible fear of them just dying on me as soon as I get them, I've never bothered.

Welcome to the world of Cacti. Never really jumping on the Instagram cacti and succulent trend, I thought if I was going to get on the band waggon, I'd do it my own way! Looking for inspiration, I stumbled upon McQueens Instagram, which if you haven't looked at before you need to - a feast for the eyes! They are a huge florist in London and I am always inspired by their large displays. They posted up this image (below - which I hope they don't mind me nabbing for visual purposes!). It's one of their contracts, most likely a hotel display and I thought holy cow now thats a cactus display! Screenshot... Done!

Now you've probably spotted my attempt at the same design with my own flair which I posted up on Instagram a few times not really thinking my cacti would even get noticed but Cacti are the bomb these days. If you have no idea what I am on about they are below :) Now as I am kind, I thought I would share how I made these beauties with you incase you want to make a feature of your ever lasting plants... and by the way this is pretty bulletproof if you suck at plants like moi!

You will need is a collection of cacti. I bought a variety of different shapes and sizes although I am sure compared to what you might own now they are pretty large than your average household cacti but I made sure I got a smallish one to variegate the height. My biggest only cost me £25, so if you do shop around you can find them for pretty cheap. I also bought an Aloe Vera plant too, as I love the organic long shape of the plant and I knew it would work well inside a vase. Aloe Vera plants are a very good plant if you want impact and size, whilst not spending too much. I also picked some cactus weirdos, as I like to call them, from the shelves of the flower market, as I actually think the more weirder the design, style and variety more interesting it looks as a display once pieced together.

You will need a few large clear cylinder vases. You can buy these online but if your wild like me take a trip to Covent Garden Flower market in Vauxhall as not only can you buy cheap cacti there, there is a huge range of vases too. Any big container would do but if you want to keep the cacti inside the vase, I would recommend buying simple clear glass. Also a word of advice, big cacti can get heavy so buy thick glass that can take the weight.

I went for four large clear glass cylinders that matched the width and length of my cacti. I got them so there was enough space for them to grown and that like you can see below, enough space around them. 

You will send some sort of sand or stones. I went for very fine white sand, as it matches my interiors but also looks fresh against the green of the plant. Sand i think is probably better for the cacti, as that is what they usually grow in but I am sure small stones would be just as affective.

To make the display, you need to de-pot your cacti into a terracotta pot, this way the plant can breathe better and terracotta soaks up water so will keep the cactus drinking even if you forget to water them. Add a little sand to the bottom of the vase and carefully place the cactus inside the vase already replanted into the terracotta pot. You can usually pick these up terracotta pots in a range of sizes and they cost barely anything. Then just pour in all the rest of the sand or stones around the pot all the way to the top of the pot. I actually went a few inches over the pot, so it covered it, making the cacti look more natural, also stopping any moisture getting out.

Once all planted, arrange them how you see fit. If like me you had a collection of vases with a height difference, they look great in a little cluster along a window seal or if they are bigger then on the floor would look amazing. I think my cacti like it buy the window seal and in a cute little cluster that I regularly switch around, they make a real feature within my living room. The way you display and where is completely up to you.

Cheap and easy to maintain, this DIY is the perfect Winter project. Please do send me pictures if you managed to have a go at this little DIY project!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. Love this idea! I have a (tiny, only 3) collection of cacti and succulents and they are growing so much they need new homes. I'm going to get looking for some glass vases similar to these and see what I can do with mine! Thanks for the inspiration :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    1. yes that sounds amazing! Do send me a picture once you have given them their new home x

  2. Oh my, I need Cactai in my life, how pretty do these look x


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