February 08, 2016


It comes to no surprise to all my LLP followers that I couldn't go without dedicating my first beauty post back on this blog after a few weeks away (I'll explain on Sunday) that it had to be Lush! Lush are truly one of my most loved brands. Everything I use from them feels like a little treat to myself and their new Valentines 2016 collection does just that with a sprinkling of love.

As the big day arrives, a mad rush to find any old tat that we will probably never use gets flung into our shopping baskets just because it has some cheesy love hearts on it. I mean I even have seen an octopus toy being sold in Sainsbury's with a 'I Love You' heart on it! Please guys don't buy us this shit!

Buy us Lush instead!

This Valentine's Lush have made a few new limited editions that will get you feeling loved up and make the perfect little gifts to your other halves. I have been a total convert to Lush soap recently, never thinking soap is something i would bother spending a bit of money on, Lush's gorgeous Roses All The Way c/o (£4.25) is a lovely addition to your bathroom. Just a simple rosy scented soap, the shape and feel of it is so moisturising as it creams once under water. Of course it's a heart shaped rose!!

Lush's limited edition bath bomb this month is Lover Lamp c/o (£3.95) get what they did there with the name! This I have no tried myself yet as I just might be sharing it with the other half on Sunday if he's lucky but it claims to soften the water with cocoa butter, the scent of vanilla and orange whilst covering your bath with...you guessed it little red love hearts. I actually can't wait to try this! 

Finally I was sent this little pink pot of goodness. I adore the Lush lip scrubs with Mint Julips being my ultimate fav. This limited edition The Kiss c/o (£5.50) is a sugar and salt based, which for me tastes way too salty than their other scrubs and although its not my favourite colour the seriously PINK colour adds to the whole product in making this something special for Valentine's! The colour is enhanced by tiny edible red love hearts in the mixture too so if there wasn't enough love Lush make sure they add some. I reckon this product would be so cute as a little token to someone you love as the little packaging and name makes it a more light hearted gift (you like my words there!).

Will you be buying your Valentine's gifts from Lush this year?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. Lush and bright colors are perfect for the occasion of valentine as they are attractive to other people and differentiate and bring charm to the wearer's personality.


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