February 29, 2016


I think last month, I found myself shopping just a little too often! With February being my most expensive month with both my mum and dads birthday, I end up buying a whole heap of things that might suit them and then they end up for me! So welcome a mini haul. 

My favourite store by far is TK Maxx. It's a completely marmite store, you either love it or hate it and I love it!! Give me a lunch break and I'll be sure to find some treasures. Now my local TK Maxx is a gem of a store and i must admit some stores are filled with rubbish so to have a good one on my door step is the source of all my problems. I buy everything from TK Maxx now i have my own home, from cups, cutlery, glasses and bed sheets, if the item is there I'm having it. I love treating myself to a few pairs of shoes ( I actually bought 5 pairs there a few weeks back!) and looking through the many beauty finds. I think the pricing can be very varied, you might find a bargain if you know the original pricing but sometimes things are just a little more reasonable.

My most recent addiction has to be the stationary section. Not all of the stores have it but it's usually hidden where the books are and if you find it you'll want it all. Usually from companies all around the world, beautiful note books in Pinterest worthy colours, paper clips and pencils. I end up buying everything.

I also picked up last week these super cute little tin jars that obviously I just had to have. Not sure if I will keep them for myself or fill them up with little gifts for friends but I always think if you see things I like this you just have to pick them up. 

If your a TK Maxx shopper you have to share the love! 

Hugs & Kisses

Becki xox


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