February 12, 2016


There is sometimes a product that comes into your life and you never dreamt it would blow you away. A fairly unknown brand was introduced to me last year through a rather lovely neck cream and by the kindness of the brand and pr, I was sent a few more products to try, which during the tough few months with my dad it was a blessing! Completely out of the blue a product that I was totally blown away by was Temple Spa's In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Melt c/o (£28.00, 60g), which I started to us late last year and I have to say I haven't used anything like it before. It's a pretty special product. It takes alot to excite me these days.

OK, so yes its another cleansing balm and another cleanser to add to the rotation and then to the cupboard but what's different about this one, is it's brought together both a softening buttery cleanser with a lightly exfoliating scrub. The balm itself doesn't feel like its full of granules that will scratch and pull apart your skin as instead these little soft balls (excuse me!) with a good massage just start to melt away into your skin. What I love about the exfoliation part, is that although they do melt, you have to really warm them up to do so, this means a good massage polishes your skin and then nourishes. This is the best balm for an amazing night time massage. I always give myself a few private minutes with this one! 

The balm removes makeup no problem, however to gain the full benefits of this one, I would use it for a second cleanse. You only need to use a very small amount of the balm, as if you use too much you can start to feel a little greasy. I like to apply with my finger tips and really massage it in, especially around my nose area where I get alot of dry skin. I remove with a warm face cloth. 

The balms ingredients are actually fab with no Shea butter making it better for acne prone skin and lots of vitamins with essentials oils helping hydration. However with the balm smelling predominately of lLavender, aka calming spa smell, I think if you're not a fan you probably shouldn't invest, as it is one of the stronger balms I've tried in terms of scent. 

The pot is really generous in terms of how much is in there for the money and it has lasted me so well, as you can see, i've already been using it for a few months. I tend to use it mainly at night and I like to use it every other day just to give my skin a little rest as over exfoliating isn't the best as I can tend to break out.

If you love a great cleanse of an evening and are looking at trying something new this year, give this brand and product a go! They have plenty of choice and everything I have tried so far, I think they bring something new to skincare.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox

PS. Caroline Hirons has recently reviewed this balm and she has an even more precise break down of the product if you need her sign of approval! 



  1. I am a big fan of Temple Spa products and their Drift Away bath and massage oil is just divine x

    1. Oh this one is amazing! Ah you know i love a bath product! xx


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