March 01, 2016


It seems like I am shopping all the time! I think until you open that box with all your bits and bobs that you can't use until you photograph then you realise you've been a shopping queen. Getting back into beauty certainly has induced my shopping spree as there has been so many new releases that I have wanted to try. Lush was one of those shops!
Popping into Lush means probably coming out with a bag full and this time I was very excited by the new shiny bath products. Starting out with a product I had seen during the big Oxford Street Lush store opening, I am very excited to see Flowering Tea Bubble Bar (£4.95) rolling out to smaller stores. This bubble bar has a light floral scent that to me it smells less synthetic than Lush's other products. Of course the fact it is shaped like a tea bag and it smells like rose, neroli and orange blossom makes this quite a fun novelty gift. I love the fact the bubble bar is also filled with cute small little blue flowers makes it a very tranquil bath.

Based completely on scent, Rose Bombshell bath bomb (£3.95) and Rose Jam bubble bar (£3.75) ended up in my basket. Rose Jam I didn't even recognise after its new face lift of pink glitz and I have read it's had a formula change, which personally I can only tell a difference in richness of fragrance. I have never tried Rose Bombshell before and I'm not sure when it was released but it smells so gorgeous. Rose and lemon smell amazing together and the added extra of yellow rose petals that fill the centre, makes this bath bomb a special one for the ladies. 

Both of these really do smell incredible and they could make the perfect Mother's Day gifts if your Mooma loves roses! I do love Lush, they never fail me and I am loving these additions to the store.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. You're making me want to rush into Lush and just buy everything x


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