March 02, 2016


My everyday beauty must haves, when it comes to make up, are always simple, easy and quick products that leaves my skin looking natural. I am a lazy so and so every morning, I'd rather stay in bed for an extra few minutes than worry about my face. Over the last month or so I have honestly found the best few make up products that just work for me in terms of the look and texture.

Everyone wants to start looking glowy for the up and coming Spring months and getting the glow naturally isn't always possible with a dribbly nose cold. Starting with a nice light base, Gosh Primer Plus Skin Perfector c/o (£14.49) is a great primer with illuminating properties that smooths and gives a natural dewy base. On top of this I apply a small amount of Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue c/o (£26.00). 

Bare Minerals make up is quite new to me and I am happy to say this product is a beauty for simple quick make up. With a texture of a light tinted gel it is very similar to skincare with the way it blends quickly and feels like your wearing nothing on your skin, the rescue formula helps to hydrate your skin whilst giving you protection. With SPF 30 and marine botanicals the tinted gel helps to keep your skin breathing and hydrated. No silicone, oil, parabens or fragrance also means this is perfect for sensitive skin. The finish leaves your with a sheer complexion with just enough coverage for the day ahead. I have been using the shade Buttercream, which is just a tad darker than my skin tone but still very light so I don't look too pale.

Finally I like to use a small touching of concealer on a few of my red scars and under my eyes to finish my basic base. My favourite concealer at the moment is from another new make up brand in my collection Delilah. Delilah Farewell Cream Concealer c/o (£24.00) is an amazing medium coverage concealer that covers dark spots, redness, blemishes and fatigue. On my skin it feels very nourishing and doesn't dry throughout the day, which is always what I am looking for. I also love the applicator as you can apply straight from the crayon type packaging to your areas of concern and it also winds up or winds down. 

What are your everyday make up must haves?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. I've never tried any of those products yet but really fancy the Gosh primer & didn't realize the bare minerals had such a high spf which is great for an every day base.

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