March 03, 2016


Bases seem to be the new beauty must have and since the start of the year, so many brands are creating new formulas to bring something new to the table. It has taken me alot to get my mojo back with blogging again and when I was sent one of the famed Benefit parcels, I knew I had to come back. I was so overwhelmed to be gifted a special breakfast POREfessional box filled with the new Benefit releases and they are avaliable to buy now.

The new collection is an extended part of the POREfessional range that has become a huge hit over the last few years. These two new innovative products are very different and have moved over into the world of skincare.

POREfessional Matte Rescue c/o (£21.50) is a light weight mattifying gel that helps keep oily skin at bay. If you use a small amount of this gel after cleansing like a moisturiser, it will tackle any areas that tend to get oily throughout the day whilst also hydrating your skin. I have worn this gel a few times and I must say it surprised me how hydrating it is even though I know it is water based. This product even includes diamond powder to help blur pores and combat shine, which makes it sound oh so luxurious. As I prefer a dewy look for everyday, I would use this if i knew I wasn't going to have time to touch up my make up or on a night out i think it would work great!

The other exciting product from the POREfessional collection is the new Instant Wipe Out Masks c/o (£24.50). This is one of those products that is oozes novality, although too is a great skincare item to keep in your cupboards that will helps your target pesty pores.

First of all I have to say, Benefit have been so creative to what could be a rather embarrassing product to use and I applaud them. Each Top Secret mask has been made to look like a secret file that can be found in its own cute suitcase box. Inside these individually wrapped mask, which  you have to push the 'PRESS' button to release what's lurking inside (genius!) and then reveal what can only be described as a bat shaped mask. The mask has been usefully shaped this way so it can be used either on your forehead, chin or nose. My problem areas are always my chin, so it's amazing to see something finally out there to help my poor hormonal chin! 

A specially formulated textured sheet style mask with on one side textured and the other smooth, this mask has a super strength clarifying formula with mushroom extract to help clean your pores. You place the mask on your chosen area with the smooth side facing down, leave for 10 minutes and peel away fabric like mask, flip it and almost exfoliate the problem area with the texture side. This takes away any impurities that have come to the surface of your skin. 

These masks are expensive but I think almost all of the targeted pore masks are. At £3 per mask, use wisely! The affect of the mask is a cleaner, clearer skin with no miracles but a smoother complexion. Like most of the masks I have used that might be compared to these, I can't express how much easier these masks are to remove than those awful stick on pore sheets that seem to pull off half my skin too!

Have you tried either of the two new releases from Benefit? 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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