March 06, 2016


Ladies today is for you. Whether your a mother of two little cutie chubby cheeked kiddies, a mum of ten cats, a mum-to-be or a poochy mum like me, this day is our day to thank you. My life has changed for the better with my dearest Oscar by my side and to anyone who thinks being a mum to a pup is ridiculous, I have found it the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I feel so loved, he needs me and I need him. He is like my baby and I'm not afraid to say it! 
My mum is the greatest woman I know. She is a super hero, always there for others and never putting herself first. Watching my sister become a mother, has only made us both realise how much our mum must have done for us growing up. Making us lunch everyday, taking us to school, letting us stay up watching 13 going on 30 and always being there for us. She really has supported me through everything and I know when I can, I will always make sure I can be there for her like she has been for me for all these years. My mum has shown so much courage, whilst my dad has gone through his cancer journey and I know it's not been easy for her. She takes everything on and never asks for anything back. I am so proud of her for everything she has achieved and she now is the most wonderful Grandmother too.

Being an auntie really is one of the best things that has happened to me and when it comes to having babies, it sure was never going to be me first! I am totally happy to be auntie! Last year, Jessica brought a beautiful baby boy into my life and watching him grow is unexplainable. I just adore him and I'd like to say I am the fun person in his life that he can just smile and be happy with. That is what I always dreamt of. He makes me smile everyday and I love him unconditionally. I am so proud of my sister for taking on motherhood and being kick ass at it! She's only a baby herself but she's amazing! 

Now for the exciting news, I am so pleased to announce that I am going to be an auntie again! Jessica is a whole 6 months pregnant with an already beautiful baby girl. I am so proud of her for doing it all again, all so fast! Juggling two buba's is going to be tough as Lincoln is only 7 months now so I am all on for auntie of the year!

Have a wonderful day mummies!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. Oh yay a baby girl and how she is already 6 months wow, that has flown by! Well done Jess x

  2. Congrats to Jess! My cousin has a daughter who is two now, and like you say, being an auntie (that's how I see myself though I'm actualy a second cousin) is the best! Watching them grow and learn is the ultimate reward and as you say, it's lovely to be that person in their lives who they can always have fun with! And congrats on soon becoming an auntie again! :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings


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