March 13, 2016


This year has been one of the most difficult starts to the year I have ever had. January saw my dad kick cancers ass with a big operation to get rid of it all. He was brave. I know the pain for him is still there and it's going to take a few more months to get himself back on his feet but he was lucky. Now this Sunday, little old me is challenging myself to go walk 15 miles. To most this seems hardly nothing but I sure don't exercise and the cause itself is kinda tough to even talk about.

So I am planning to complete the 15 mile Marsden March this afternoon, walking from the London Royal Marsden to the Sutton Marsden, which was where my dad was treated everyday for 6 weeks in the Summer. Just writing this, i can already feel myself getting choked up, as the cause is so important to us as a family. The Royal Marsden is such a vital place for treatment, care and advice for families who have to go through cancer. I never visited the hospital back in the summer as my parents thought it was best that way but from just hearing the kind wonderfully brave people that helped my dad through the chemo and radiotherapy, I can never thank them enough.

I sure couldn't do it alone, so we have got together, my super trooper mum to be sis, my beautiful mum and a sister from another mister Laura who has worked with us forever. She herself lost her mum to cancer over ten years ago and it never gets any easier. Also joining us are two amazingly brave family friends who at this moment are caring for their son with a terrible life threatening cancer. There son is not even 6 years old. As you can guess, it's not just about the walk, it will be us all coming together to support each other and being amongst everyone there who wants to support this amazing hospital and all the work it does.

Now I hate the whole asking for money thing but folks if you can support us and the charity. Help us raise as much as we can for The Royal Marsden HERE on our Just Giving page. I would be forever grateful and feeling your support would be incredible. 

I need to get my walking Nike Air Max trainers on (could I walk in anything else??) and those sexy training pants...and i'll be off!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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