April 18, 2016


I can't even begin to tell you how long this post has been in the making. I think I even took these pictures last year! It's not because I didn't want to write it, I just kept putting it off and off for now it to be months in the making. Finally I am sitting it down and sharing a few products that I have now since used up but they were skin changing and I mean I've completely used these products up!!

It's not often I try a brand and I get blown away by everything I was given. I had tried a few samples a while back from Ole Henrikson that I had collected but nothing had really stood out to me. Now starting with my absolute hero product is a star for helping clear up spot prone skin over time, especially scaring. Ole Henrikson Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil c/o £47.00, which I know isn't cheap at all but I did even buy a bottle for the mister, as he couldn't believe how amazing it transformed my skin over the few months I was using it.

The oil is very potent, with it's 100% concentrated Rose Hip oil that really does pack a punch not only in colour and scent but how affective it is. In terms of healing my acne scarring, which always bothers me, this seems to be the only Rose Hip oil I have tried that made a huge difference in the texture and brightness of my skin over time. So much so that I would call it a miracle product. 

With the highest potency of Rose Hip, an active source of Vitamin A, C and fatty acids, this oil penetrates the skin quickly that makes me feel like my skin was healing and on the surface you can see the radiance it brings out. Out of many many many products I have tried over years this really was one of the best cures for scarring and it is something I will miss!

A cleanser that I was really excited to use was Ole Henrikson Pure Truth Melting Cleanser c/o (£24.00). The cleanser itself is a thick jelly like texture that once massaged into your skin it starts to melt then wait for it, as you add water it turns into a milky texture! 3 in 1 for sure! Like the Pure Truth Oil, this cleanser has a high potent ingredient list of Vitamin C, Rose Hip and a concentrated formula that helps to brighten and nourish the skin. After using this cleanser for months, I completely fell in love with the fact that I could decide how to use it, whether that be keep it a gel like cleanser or a soothing milk. After a while, I also noticed that like the Pure Truth oil, my skin started repairing old scarring and damage from teenage skin. I was very impressed- it just worked for me. 

Finally, not part of the Pure Truth range but again a very much loved product is Ole Henrikson Empower Featherweight Moisturiser c/o (£38.00). This very lightweight moisturiser is antioxidant rich to help fight free radial damage and to keep your skin hydrated. The berry like scent makes this cooling texture a lovely day time moisturiser that doesn't leave you feeling refreshed and radiant. As my skin has started becoming dry in places, this combated that quickly and I felt that it was a great moisturiser to then apply makeup onto as it sunk in so quickly.

Now I know I have just made some serious claims but honestly I have used up every single bit of these three products and that Pure Truth Oil has changed my skin's life for the better...it's big bucks but it's worth it! And your skin is worth it!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. I am a huge Ole fan and am just about finished with the cutest little trio of products x


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